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Welcome to the newest feature of Millennium Sports!  We will be handicapping games in MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA football and NCAA men's basketball.  Our prices are the lowest around.  There is no way that you will get a better value for your money than right here with Millennium Sports!

Here's how it works...simply choose a membership at the right.  As soon as payment has been received you will be sent a daily email with my picks against the spread (money line for MLB) and a breakdown of each game explaining why I've made each decision.  All picks will be made before the first game of the day.
Most sports handicappers that I’ve researched focus on intricate calculations to try and predict the outcomes of games.  They try and use these statistics to make their point sound more compelling. 
These same statistics overlook some very important aspects of professional sports.  They don’t take things like heart and momentum into consideration.  Case in point, the 2004 Boston Red Sox were down 3 games to 0 to the New York Yankees.  No team had ever come back from such a deficit in the past.  Late in Game 4, they rallied against Mariano Rivera (the greatest closer of all time in my opinion) and ended up winning the next 8 games and their 1st World Championship in 86 years.  No statistic would have ever shown that.  The Red Sox had heart, and by winning Game 4 they gained momentum.
I’m not a statistician.  Heck, I never really liked math growing up.  One thing that I do know is sports.  I have religiously followed MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA football and NCAA men’s basketball since I was young.  I even worked in professional baseball for many years. 
What you will get from me is an open and honest opinion on how each game will play out. Examples of factors that I take into consideration are the team’s record, injury reports, the weather, and how these teams have fared in the past (both against each other and against common opponents).    You will also receive the most budget friendly handicapping advice out there.  The price for a year’s subscription to my services ($300) is the same as most handicappers monthly fee.

All sales are final...

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