Man Cave Project

I have always wanted to have my own "man cave".  A place where I can go and just be me.  My cave is still a work in process but I will keep this updated as it gets closer and closer to completion.  Below are some pictures of my "collection" thus far.

I consider this room my "man cave", but it also goes by laundry room...

I got this shelf for Christmas to display my knick knacks...

In the middle there is the personalized bat we bought at the Louisville Slugger Museum.  If you've never been, I highly recommend you go!

Those goggles at the top of my doorway are signed by Hall of Fame jockey Mike Smith.

Yes I realize that I have two empty spaces here, I have something to go there...just no frame for them yet!

Keepsakes from my time working in minor league baseball...

More memories from my life in professional baseball.  That is me in the poster on the left.

Justin Verlander Fastball Flakes...just like Frosted Flakes except more expensive!

The library...yes I have read each of these books.

The basketball on the left is an Isiah Thomas basketball that I have never dribbled (it still looks new).   The box is where I keep all of the schedules I acquire.  I cut the slot in it so that it's easier to just drop them in there.

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