Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five Fantasy Tips For Week One

The 2013 NFL season kicks off tomorrow night when the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens take on the Denver Broncos.  With it, fantasy football geeks (myself included) all across the country will begin their five month journey of waiver wire watching, injury list observing, and depth chart tracking.

I've been playing fantasy football for years now and am asked by people for fantasy advice regularly.  So, I have come up with five tips to get fantasy players through Week One of the NFL season.

1. Be Patient - if you're like most people, you were filled with optimism after your draft.  You got the stud running back or wide receiver you wanted.  You felt like a king when you were able to pick up that tight end late in the draft that the "experts" all say will have a breakout year.  Unfortunately, some of the guys you expected to produce, didn't and now you are ready to abandon ship on some of them.  Remember to be's a long season.  The only reason for releasing a starter after week 1 is if he succumbs to a season ending injury.

2. Keep an eye on the injury bug -  a lot of players are coming off of major injuries...most notably RGIII and Arian Foster.  One unfortunate hit and either of these players could find themselves back on the sidelines.  If that should happen, Kirk Cousins (Redskins) and Ben Tate (Texans) will see plenty of action.

3. Monitor the match ups - this is easier to do later on in the season when teams have a few games under their belts.  For Week One though, choose your defense based on what you know of the teams...go with your gut feeling.  For example, the Indianapolis Colts have a high powered offense.  They are opening the 2013 season against the Oakland Raiders, a team that has struggled in all areas for a few years.  I'd recommend not picking the Raiders as our defense during Week One.

4. Watch the waiver wire - you may be perfectly happy with the team you have.  However, some of the other owners in your league my be searching for a replacement on their team due to some unforeseen reason.  Lets say that a team needs a backup quarterback and news just broke that the Raiders have named Terrelle Pryor their starter.  If you can add Pryor to your team first, then you have just lessened the talent pool they have to choose from.

5. Leave your loyalties at the door - it is perfectly fine to root for your favorite team.  In fantasy football, you may have to root for one of your teams rivals from time to time.  Don't stress about doesn't mean that you are any less of a fan.  That's why they call it FANTASY football.

Good Luck!

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