Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sports Blog Nation...A Place To Go For All Of Your Fashion Advice

 The Broncos of Western Michigan University will not only be debuting a new coach this upcoming football season, but new helmets as well.

The updated look will have a new Bronco design on one side of the helmet, and the players jersey number on the other side.

Personally, I like the new helmets.  They are a great way to help ring in the new era of Bronco football with coach PJ Fleck.  It is a fresh updated look for Western Michigan University and it's football program.

Unfortunately, I am in the minority with my opinion.  A poll on showed that out of 427 votes, 50.35% of them (215 votes) did not like the new helmets.  A writer for Sports Blog Nation,  which is one of the biggest sports blogging websites in the country, proclaimed that it looked like "WMU spray painted the Boise State helmets and unveiled it as a new design".  This same person said that "Nike must have made a ton of Bronco helmet stickers and found a willing buyer for its surplus of inventory".

I have no issues with the poll from (I voted that I liked the new helmets by the way).  My question is when did Sports Blog Nation become an authority on fashion trends?  This shouldn't even be a story in my opinion.  Honestly, the Broncos don't even look that much alike.  They're both broncos, they both have manes, and they are both looking in the same direction.  That's about it...

Perhaps next this writer can comment on what Beyonce is wearing at the Super Bowl next week...

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