Monday, October 8, 2012

Stop your whining Mr. Winston

Normally, I write things that affect Michigan sports teams.  Tonight though, I wanted to touch on something that has gotten national attention since yesterday. 

Leave Matt Cassel Alone!!
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel (who has been having an extremely disappointing season) was injured during the 4th quarter of Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens.  As he was laying on the field, some fans were cheering.  After the game, Chiefs right tackle Eric Winston stated his displeasure with the cheering fans by saying “We are athletes. We are not gladiators,” Winston said. “This isn’t the Roman Coliseum. People pay their hard-earned money to come in here. I believe they can boo, they can cheer, they can do whatever they want … we’re lucky to play this game. It’s hard economic times, and they still pay the money to do this.
“But when somebody gets hurt … there are long-lasting ramifications to the game we play … I’ve already come to the understanding I probably won’t live as long because I play this game. And that’s OK. That’s the choice I’ve made. That’s the choice all of us made. But when you cheer somebody getting knocked out, I don’t care who it is, and it just so happened to be Matt Cassel, it’s sickening. It’s 100 percent sickening. I’ve been in some rough times on some rough teams. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life to play football than at that moment right there.”

“I get emotional about it, because these guys work their butts off,” said Winston, who spent the previous six years with the Houston Texans before signing a free-agent contract with the Chiefs this past off season. “Matt Cassel hasn’t done anything to you people … hasn’t done anything to the media writers who kill him, hasn’t done anything wrong to the people that come out here and cheer him. If he’s not the best quarterback, he’s not the best quarterback, and that’s OK.”
“But he’s a person. And he got knocked out in a game, and we got 70,000 people cheering ... Boo him all you want. Boo me all you want. Throw me under the bus. Tell me I’m doing a bad job, say I’ve got to protect him more … but if you’re one of those people who were out there cheering, or even smiled, when he got knocked out, I just want everyone to know it’s sickening and disgusting.”

I agree with Eric Winston in the fact that they are people, and I understand that he was upset because his quarterback (who hasn't been playing well all season and people are calling for him to be benched) just sustained a concussion and he heard people cheering.  That would make me upset too if I thought that people were glad that a friend of mine was hurt. 

BUT, would he have felt the same way if one of his teammates had sacked Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco so hard that it knocked him out of the game and the Chiefs fans cheered?  I doubt it...he would have felt that they were just being die hard Chiefs fans and were cheering a good effort from them.   He can't take his frustration on a lackluster season out on the fans.  The fans are still out there supporting your under performing team.  If Eric Winston and the rest of the Chiefs would just worry about themselves instead of complaining about the fans, then perhaps they would have a better record than 1 - 4.

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