Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The scariest part about playing Notre Dame is...

He really needs to ease up on the tanning.  Look at how red his face is!
Things have gotten so bad at Notre Dame that opponents need not worry about the players on the field. 
No more studying their offensive schemes.  Their defensive prowess is a thing of the past.
The only thing that Notre Dame opponents need to keep in mind is this...don't make Head Coach Brian Kelly angry! 
I have a feeling that we will be seeing this face quite a bit this season. 

Quiet Kitties...or Kings of the Jungle?

The Detroit Lions kick off a much anticipated 2011 season this weekend against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Lions fans all across the state of Michigan have been anxiously awaiting this moment all summer long, and with good reason. 
After winning only 2 of their first 12 games last year, the Lions rebounded to claim victory in the final 4 games.  Then, they won all 4 of their pre season games this year as well. 
Needless to say, Lions fans were drinking the Honolulu Blue Kool Aid like it was going out of style. 
However, you won't find me partaking in any Kool Aid drinking.  I hate to sound like a Negative Nelly, but these are the Detroit Lions.  Sure they looked great in the pre season, but they also looked great a few years ago in the pre season.  Does anyone remember what their record was that season??  I'll give you a starts with a "0".