Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This is How It's Done...

Everyone that knows me is aware of the fact that I am a baseball fan.  Most of those people know that I used to work in minor league baseball for a few years.  Although I don't work in baseball anymore, I am still as big a fan as ever.  When I go to the games I love to see the luscious green grass of the field, smell the vast array of processed meats on the grill, and hear the sweet symphony of the crack of the bat. 

Now, thanks to my friend Benjamin Hill of minorleaguebaseball.com's "Ben's Biz Blog", I can add one more thing that I'm looking forward to when I go to see a game...the dancing men.  And no, I'm not going in a YMCA/Village People angle.  I'm talking about the Fort Wayne Tin Caps and their "Bad Apple Dancers". 

By day they are known as the Tin Caps grounds crew.  They get the field in tip top shape every game.  Once the game starts and it comes time to drag the field during the game, they turn into the "Bad Apple Dancers". 
By no means are any of these guys going to get confused with Fred Astaire, but what they do well is entertain people for a few minutes while the infield is being tidied up. 

This is why I love minor league baseball.  They don't have the big names that draw fans to the ballpark.  What they do have though are lots of little things like this that delight fans and give the entire family a nice time out together.  Kudos to the Tin Caps and their "Bad Apple Dancers".  Keep up the sweet moves boys!

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