Saturday, June 11, 2011

Here we go again...

In what’s getting to be an all too common occurrence, the Detroit Pistons are looking for a new head coach. Their most recent failure, John Kuester, was fired earlier on this week.

That raises the body count under the leadership of Pistons General Manager Joe Dumars to six. There has been a lot of talk about who the next coach of the Pistons is going to be. Since Joe Dumars hasn’t had the best of luck in choosing a coach, I figured that I would give him some friendly advice about some of the rumored coaches.

Rick Adelman – No way, no how. Adelman has been in the league way too long for him to consider going to a team like Detroit. He will pick and choose until a job opens up where he feels like they can win a championship. Adelman isn’t in any hurry to get a job either, the last time he was let go from a team (besides his most recent), he sat out a full year before deciding to come back and coach again.

Mike Budenholzer – Ever heard of him? Me neither. Apparently this guy is the next big thing. He’s been with the San Antonio Spurs for the last 15 seasons. My issue with this guy is that he’s been an assistant for the last 15 SEASONS. If this guy was head coaching material, some team would have given him a shot by now. Some great assistants make horrible head coaches (Marty Mornhinweg) as well.

Tom Izzo – Forget about it…Izzo is a Spartan for life. It’s an NBA job in Michigan so of course Izzo’s name is going to be thrown around. Couple that with new owner Tom Gores being an MSU grad and you’ve got yourself a great rumor.

Bill Laimbeer – My pick. He’s one of the all time greats in Detroit Pistons history. He sort of has head coaching experience (WNBA). Laimbeer is tough and gritty. He would bring a no nonsense attitude that has been missing from the Pistons since he played the game. For the past year, he has been an assistant for the Minnesota Timberwolves helping to turn Kevin Love into one of the most dominating players in the NBA.

So there you go Joe…some helpful insight into some of the rumored coaching candidates. Please pick the right guy this time. The Pistons have gone from heroes to zeroes since you’ve been in the driver seat. The city of Detroit and the state of Michigan deserve better basketball than the crap that you’ve been giving us lately.

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