Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Joe Dumars Needs a Basketball Intervention...He's Killing the Pistons with each Move that He Makes!!

Joe Dumars is at it again. The Detroit Pistons President of Basketball Operations has signed former two time NBA scoring champion Tracy McGrady to a one year contract for $1.3 million.

Ten years ago, this would have been the steal of the off season. Back then, it would have transformed the Pistons from cellar dwellers in the Central Division into heavy favorites to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA finals.

Now though, it gives them just another aging superstar. Another aging superstar that plays small forward and shooting guard (a place where they already have a plethora of players).

To be quite honest, I have no idea where Joe Dumars head is at. The past two years he has made player personnel moves that have made me go “huh?” Last year he gave away over $100 million in contracts to Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva (13.8 & 11.9 points per game respectively last season). Now this season he has already signed a washed up Ben Wallace to a two year deal and today signed Tracy McGrady.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When Dumars first took over the Pistons he could do no wrong. Each and every move he made (with the exception of Darko) was pure genius. In my mind, the last good move that he made was when he traded for Rasheed Wallace.

Since then, it seems like Dumars is attempting to catch lightening in a bottle with his moves without even thinking of the consequences. Trading Chauncey Billups for AI two years ago looked good on paper, but exploded with failure during the season.

Dumars needs to remember what the successful Pistons teams of the past were like. They didn’t have a “superstar” on their roster. They were built with blue collar type players who were willing to work hard for the good of the team.

McGrady doesn’t fit the mold of past Piston teams. He fits the mold of a team looking for a big name player to use so that they can sell more tickets.

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