Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vince McMahon had to have a hand in this!

In an event that had more drama than a WWE pay per view, Joey Chestnut defended his yellow mustard belt and won his fourth straight Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest today. Chestnut inhaled 54 hot dogs during the 10 minute contest.

Normally, the only drama that surrounds an event like this is whether or not somebody is going to have a “reversal of fortune” and regurgitate the nitrate filled wieners.

The drama started a few days ago when it was announced that Takeru Kobayashi, a six time hot dog eating champion, would not be participating due to a contract dispute (no I’m not making this up). Apparently, Kobayashi wants to be free to compete in eating contests sanctioned by other groups besides Major League Eating (the group that puts the hot dog contest on each July 4th. So, instead of participating in the event today, Kobayashi decided to watch from the crowd.

Dressed in a black shirt with a black head band (how very villain of him), Kobayashi decided to storm the stage after the competition. Police officers grabbed him, but Kobayashi tried to grab a hold of the police barricades. The officers eventually pried his fingers away and were able to take Kobayashi into custody.

I have to wonder if this was for real, or a publicity stunt. Kobayashi had long been the unbeatable champion of eating until Chestnut came along and knocked him off his throne. People loved the Kobayashi/Japan vs. Chestnut/USA rivalry. With no Kobayashi today, Chestnut cruised to victory. Kobayashi’s arrest paints him as a “renegade eater”. He could show up at these contests and create quite a stir.

Do I smell a no holds barred hot dog eating cage match pay per view event?

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