Saturday, July 31, 2010

Red Sox Showing Signs of Life as the Season Heads into August

Baseball is a funny game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains.

Today while I was watching the Red Sox take on the Detroit Tigers, a team won…another team lost. The funny part about it was that the teams that I felt were going to win and lose didn’t.

The Tigers were leading the Red Sox for eight and a half innings. At one point late in the game they were leading by four runs.

Then, with one out and the bases loaded, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz came up to bat. Now, in previous years, this situation would have made opposing managers cringe. However, Ortiz is not the player that he once was. In addition to that, Ortiz was not having a very good game. He had stranded six baserunners already in the game - striking out with two runners in scoring position in the sixth, and with the bases loaded in the seventh - when he came up against Tigers lefty Phil Coke in the ninth. Ortiz was 0 for 8 with three strikeouts against Coke in his career.

With the count at 2 balls and 1 strike, Ortiz hit a line drive in-between the left and center fielders which scored all three baserunners and won the game for the Red Sox. “It felt good, man,'' Ortiz said.” It was a game that we weren't able to score some runs in the few opportunities that we had. To come back and win it felt great."
It was a great win for the Red Sox who are still chasing the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays in the Eastern Division. All of Red Sox Nation is hoping that the combination of this win and the players returning from the disabled list soon will propel them towards the top of their division.

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