Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mike Modano a Good Fit for the Red Wings? Yeah, When Pigs Fly!

Mike Modano is reportedly close to signing with the Detroit Red Wings.

Ten years ago this would have been a major story. However, Modano is 40 years old now and WAY past his prime. Modano even thinks that he may be finished because all summer long he has been contemplating retirement.

"We're a perfect fit for Mike Modano and his legacy,'' Red Wings coach Mike Babcock stated last night. "He's a Michigan boy, the all-time leading scorer among American-born players,'' Babcock said. "It's about legacy. Wouldn't it be something if he finished his career in Detroit?''

If Mike Modano finished his career in Detroit (he was born in Westland, MI), it would be a nice end to a great playing career. However, the Red Wings are not about “nice stories”. They are and always have been about winning Stanley Cup championships.

Modano is 40 years old. In the world of professional sports, he is one injury away from being put into a retirement home. We all saw two years ago when the much younger and faster Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Red Wings in 7 games to win the Stanley Cup. Last year, a very tired Red Wings team lost to the San Jose Sharks in the playoffs. The Red Wings were outworked and overmatched. Modano is not going to help them on the ice in that area. The only benefit I see to having him on the team is his experience. He will be able to teach the younger guys on the team and help mold them into better players.

If the Red Wings are looking for a coach, then Modano coming to Detroit would be a great story. Otherwise, I would advise them to steer clear of him. He would only delay the Red Wings chances of winning the Stanley Cup.

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