Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brett Favre was Seen Throwing a Football!!! Fire up the Favre Alert Sirens!

Here we go again. Brett Favre was seen throwing footballs to high school players in his hometown of Hattiesburg, MS yesterday.

I guess that it’s time to fire up the Favre Alert sirens…

In what seems like a yearly part of Favre’s “will I or won’t I comeback” game, Brett went and worked out with the high school football team in his hometown. The reporters that were there reported his surgically repaired ankle seemed fine.

It’s only a matter of time now before ESPN wastes money and sends Rachel Nichols down to Hattiesburg. Last year when the anchor on SportsCenter went to the live feed of her in Hattiesburg, he asked her if there were any sightings of Favre that day. She replied that she saw many #4 jerseys, but none of them were Favre.

Great job Rachel…that is some top notch reporting.

Instead of waiting until the end of training camp for Favre to announce that he’s coming back, I have a way to speed up the decision making process.

ESPN should offer Favre a “Lebron-esque” special. Make it a 1 hour show to be aired on ESPN. They can even have it set in Hattiesburg. Favre can choose whom he would like to have interview him (I’m guessing John Madden).

Favre knows right now if he’s coming back or not. He says that he’s still thinking it over, but I don’t believe that for a second. He knows and has known for a while now. He loves keeping people in limbo.

But he also loves the attention that he receives when people are debating whether or not he’s coming back. Knowing that ten million people watched the Lebron “Decision” special could sway him into revealing what his plans are for this fall a little early.

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