Sunday, July 4, 2010

Athlete's Say the Darndest Things

Do you remember the show, “Kids Say the Darndest Things”? It was a show that was on years and years ago. They would have kids on stage being asked grown up questions from the host like “What year was your father born?” The child would give an answer like “1000 B.C.”.

I’d like to start a show entitled “Athletes Say the Darndest Things”. Thanks to people like Steve Kerr and Amare Stoudemire, I will not have to look very hard for show material.

On May 14 of this year, Phoenix Suns General Manager Steve Kerr was a guest on the Dan Patrick radio show. During the interview, Patrick asked Kerr if the Suns were going to jump into the upcoming Lebron James free agency sweepstakes. Kerr jokingly said “Well, if he’ll take a mid level deal, we’ll give it to him”. Patrick asked Kerr, “What’s mid-level?” Kerr stated that it is $5.5 million.

Even though these comments were done in a joking manner, it is still considered tampering. The NBA defines tampering as when a player or team directly or indirectly entices, induces or persuades anybody (player, general manager, etc.) who is under contract with another team to negotiate for their services. The NBA takes tampering very seriously and may impose stiff penalties if it is discovered.

On July 3rd of this year, Amare Stoudemire made a comment that I feel is more ridiculous than what Steve Kerr said. Stoudemire, who is currently a free agent and seems to be very close to signing with the New York Knicks, stated "I've talked to Carmelo Anthony to come out here; I've talked to Tony Parker. Both those guys are ready to join me if I decide to come here, so I'm gonna see if we can work it out."

At least when Kerr made his statement, he was speaking about a player that was going to be a free agent in a couple of months. Stoudemire made his comments about players that were still under contract for an entire year.

Stoudemire is about to receive a truckload of money from whatever team he decides to sign with. Let’s hope that he sets some of that to the side to pay for the tampering fines that he is likely to receive.

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