Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Mr. May" does it again!

When I think of clutch performers in the world of sports, a few names immediately come to mind. Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, Curt Schilling, John Elway and Reggie Jackson are all superstars who are at their best in the biggest games.

Now we can add Calvin Borel to that list of clutch performers.

In the sport of horse racing, the Kentucky Derby is the equivalent of the Super Bowl. There are celebrities, lots of wagers being placed, and tons of media coverage. The Derby is where careers are made.

Today, on his sports biggest day, Borel became the first jockey ever to win three Kentucky Derby’s in four years. He has solidified himself as one of the best jockeys to ever ride at Churchill Downs.

If Reggie Jackson can have the nickname of Mr. October given to him because of his superior play in the playoffs and World Series, then I think that we can give Calvin Borel the nickname of Mr. May. I believe that he’s earned it.

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