Monday, May 24, 2010

Cleveland's desperate move to resign Lebron

He reached the playoffs every year that he coached the team. He won 127 games the past two years. His team reached the NBA Finals in 2007. He was even named the Coach of the Year for the 2008-2009 season. You would think that would be enough to secure employment for another year, wouldn’t you. Unfortunately for Mike Brown, it didn’t.

The now former coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers lost his job today. Some would say that he was fired because his team couldn’t win a championship. Others would say that he was fired because the team felt that it needed to “shake things up”.

I say that he got fired because the Cavaliers want a shot at resigning Lebron James and the only way to do that is to let him pick his coach.

Now I’m not saying that Lebron will be able to pick the coach that he will play for. I’m just stating that whomever Lebron tells Cleveland that he would like to play for is the guy that they are going to throw truckloads of money at. The Cavaliers aren’t the only team that is doing this either. Most of the teams that are rumored to be in the running for Lebron’s services next season are looking for head coaches. The New Jersey Nets, Chicago Bulls, and Los Angeles Clippers are all in the Lebron James sweepstakes.

I know that Lebron is a special player. He will go down in history as one of the greatest players of all time. There is one thing though that he and all of the teams in the running to sign him need to remember. Players play and Coaches coach.

Letting Lebron pick his coach would be the worst decision of all time. The Cavaliers are already under a ton of pressure to win a championship. Having Lebron and his hand picked coach together would create such stress and anxiety on everyone that it would be a miracle if the Cav’s survived the season.

I’d like to extend a friendly word of advice to the front office of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Please put a lot of thought into picking your next head coach. Do not concern yourself with thoughts of “if we hire Coach A then Lebron might resign with us”. Pick the right person for the job. Your organization will be better off for it.

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