Sunday, May 30, 2010

Act like you've been there before...

We’ve all done some stupid things before. When I was younger, my brothers and I once figured out that if you lick the top of a marshmallow and throw it up towards the ceiling, it will stick. My parents were not that impressed when they found out what we did. Once, during a basketball game, I shot at the wrong basket. I was never a prolific scorer, so I was surprised that I was so open right underneath the basket. Luckily I missed the shot.

That is just a tiny glimpse into some of the dim-witted things that I have done before. I’m sure that we could all add a thing or two to this list.

Kendry Morales, slugging first baseman for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, now has something to add to this list. Morales fractured his leg at the end of the game this past Saturday. How did he do this? Well, he didn’t do it by sliding to break up a double play. He didn’t do it by making a diving catch.

He did it because he jumped on home plate. No really, that is what he did. Check out the video for yourself by clicking on this link.

Morales hit a grand slam in the 9th inning to give the Angels a 5-1 victory. Like most people, he was excited. When Morales headed toward home plate, his teammates were their waiting for him so that they could celebrate. Morales tossed his helmet up into the air and jumped onto home plate….and fractured his leg.

Now the Angels are without their most productive hitter for a few months. There is a possibility that he could be out for even longer. “It’ll change the way we celebrate,'' Angels manager Mike Scioscia said after the game.

Way to lay down the law Mike. Just in time for your bad season to get even worse.

I think that the motto for the Angels the rest of the season should be “Act like you’ve been there before”.

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