Sunday, April 4, 2010

A little love for Don Nelson...

Do you know who this man is? Most of you probably do not recognize him nor do you know what he does for a living.

His name is Don Nelson and he is a basketball coach in the NBA. For the past 34 years he has coached everywhere from Milwaukee, Dallas, New York, and is currently the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. He is a five time NBA champion and a three time NBA coach of the year. In 1994 he coached "Dream Team II" to a gold medal at the World Championships in Toronto. He is also just two wins away from setting the record for wins by a coach in NBA history.

Most people had no idea that this was happening. I consider myself to be a pretty educated sports fan and even I was unaware of this. Shockingly, there has been no national coverage on this soon to be accomplishment. I can remember when Lenny Wilkens (the current all time wins leader in NBA history) was getting close to passing Red Auerbach. Everywhere I looked there was media coverage about it. ESPN even had it as their leading story each night.

I hope that when Nelson breaks the record, people will stop and give him the proper respect that he is due. We are watching history in the making. He is about to set a record that will stand for a very long time.

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