Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's not a lie if you believe it

What do George Costanza from Seinfeld and Barry Bonds have in common? They both have the same theory on telling the truth.
For years, Barry Bonds has refused to admit that he knowingly took steroids during his professional baseball career. Even after his appearance was drastically changing (see picture provided) he attributed it to his workouts. An indictment on charges that he lied to a federal grand jury during an investigation into BALCO (a pharmaceutical company whose founder, Victor Conte, served four months in prison for distributing performance enhancing drugs to professional athletes) nor his personal trainer and childhood friend being sent to prison MULTIPLE TIMES for refusing to testify against Bonds could make Barry admit that he took steroids.
This past weekend Bonds was in San Francisco for the reunion of the 2000 National League Division champion San Francisco Giants. During an interview, a reporter asked Bonds what he thought of Mark McGwire and his recent admission to steroid use. Without batting an eye, Bonds stated "I have a really good friendship with Mark McGwire. I'm proud of him, we've had a great relationship throughout our entire lives and throughout our career. I'm proud of what he did. I'm happy for him."
Even though every other person in America believes that Bonds took steroids, I really do think that he is of the mindset that he is clean. He subscribes to the George Costanza theory on lying which you can view by click on this link

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