Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's not a lie if you believe it

What do George Costanza from Seinfeld and Barry Bonds have in common? They both have the same theory on telling the truth.
For years, Barry Bonds has refused to admit that he knowingly took steroids during his professional baseball career. Even after his appearance was drastically changing (see picture provided) he attributed it to his workouts. An indictment on charges that he lied to a federal grand jury during an investigation into BALCO (a pharmaceutical company whose founder, Victor Conte, served four months in prison for distributing performance enhancing drugs to professional athletes) nor his personal trainer and childhood friend being sent to prison MULTIPLE TIMES for refusing to testify against Bonds could make Barry admit that he took steroids.
This past weekend Bonds was in San Francisco for the reunion of the 2000 National League Division champion San Francisco Giants. During an interview, a reporter asked Bonds what he thought of Mark McGwire and his recent admission to steroid use. Without batting an eye, Bonds stated "I have a really good friendship with Mark McGwire. I'm proud of him, we've had a great relationship throughout our entire lives and throughout our career. I'm proud of what he did. I'm happy for him."
Even though every other person in America believes that Bonds took steroids, I really do think that he is of the mindset that he is clean. He subscribes to the George Costanza theory on lying which you can view by click on this link

Thursday, April 8, 2010

If you don't vote, then you can't complain.

When I turned 18 years old and was of legal age to vote, my parents encouraged me to make my voice heard. I can remember them saying to me “If you don’t vote, then you can’t complain”. Voting gives people the opportunity to make changes if there is something going on that they don’t agree with. We the people have the power to amend what is going on in our city, state, and country.

This past week there were a couple of individuals in the world of sports who had the ability to make change, but decided against it. They each opted to complain to the media in an attempt to make themselves look better.

Joe West, who has been a major league umpire for 32 years, recently worked the NY Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox series. West was the crew chief for these games, which means that he was the head of the umpires that were working these games. He accused both clubs of playing at a tempo that was “pathetic and embarrassing” and refusing to work with the umpires in their attempts to speed up the game.

What Joe apparently has yet to realize in his 32 YEARS of working professional baseball game is that BASEBALL IS A SLOW GAME!! If West wants to speed up the tempo of the games, then maybe he and his crew should take charge out on the field. I’ve seen umpires in the minor leagues take charge and hustle the players on and off the field. Why can’t major league umpires?

My second nominee for grumbler of the week goes to Billy Payne, the chairman of Augusta National and the Masters Golf tournament. With all of the hoopla surrounding Tiger Woods, Payne waited until the Wednesday before the Masters started to give his two cents on the Tiger Woods situation. Payne whimpered about how “Our hero did not live up to the expectations as a role model that we sought for our children."

I find it interesting that Payne is giving this lecture about being a role model to kids when he doesn’t allow women to be members at his golf club. How’s that for being a role model? Maybe he needs to look in the mirror before he starts casting stones upon other people that he believes are corrupt.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

There's still plenty of time to win the prize!

There's still plenty of time left to get your name in to the drawing and win yourself a free copy of "Sweet Spot; 125 years of baseball and the Louisville Slugger".

Just answer my trivia question below and your name will go into the drawing. We will pick a winner during my radio show on Saturday, April 24th.

The Detroit Tigers last won the World Series in 1984. When the final out was recorded, who was the pitcher that threw the final pitch, the hitter, and the player who caught the final out?

Each person who can name all three players will have their names go into the drawing to be held on Saturday April 24th. Good Luck!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A little love for Don Nelson...

Do you know who this man is? Most of you probably do not recognize him nor do you know what he does for a living.

His name is Don Nelson and he is a basketball coach in the NBA. For the past 34 years he has coached everywhere from Milwaukee, Dallas, New York, and is currently the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. He is a five time NBA champion and a three time NBA coach of the year. In 1994 he coached "Dream Team II" to a gold medal at the World Championships in Toronto. He is also just two wins away from setting the record for wins by a coach in NBA history.

Most people had no idea that this was happening. I consider myself to be a pretty educated sports fan and even I was unaware of this. Shockingly, there has been no national coverage on this soon to be accomplishment. I can remember when Lenny Wilkens (the current all time wins leader in NBA history) was getting close to passing Red Auerbach. Everywhere I looked there was media coverage about it. ESPN even had it as their leading story each night.

I hope that when Nelson breaks the record, people will stop and give him the proper respect that he is due. We are watching history in the making. He is about to set a record that will stand for a very long time.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Was Michigan State the Cinderella team of this years NCAA's?

The Butler Bulldogs defeated the Michigan State Spartans tonight by the score of 52-50 to advance to the NCAA championship game. They will take on the Duke Blue Devils Monday night.
Since I live here in Michigan, most of the articles that I have read are saying this is an upset win and that Butler is a "Cinderella" team.
What if we have it wrong though? What if Butler was actually the favorite and Michigan State was the Cinderella team of this years NCAA tourney?
I realize that it sounds a little crazy but follow me on this one.
Butler went undefeated in conference play this year and has not lost a game in 2010. They went into the tournament as the hottest team in the country. They already have eliminated a #1 seed (Syracuse) and a #2 seed (Kansas St.) and are playing in the first Final Four in school history at a location six miles from their campus. They have momentum and are basically playing on their home court. In my mind, they are the favorites.
Michigan State, on the other hand, lost their best player to injury in a second round game against Maryland. Most of their games have been very close (needing a last second shot to defeat Maryland, squeaking by Tennessee 70-69) and all that people seem to talk about is the great job that head coach Tom Izzo has done this year. A lot of people have stated that he is doing the best coaching job that he has ever done. I have a lot of respect for Tom Izzo and I do agree that this is his best coaching job yet.
However, I also believe that the reason why people are saying that we have been seeing his best coaching job yet is because nobody thought that MSU would get this far in the tournament. In my book that is the definition of a "Cinderella" team.

Friday, April 2, 2010

This is getting ri-gosh darn-diculous

Really? I mean come on, who's next? How about the paperboy that Tiger Woods didn't tip well enough 8 years ago. Or how about the person that he cut off while driving his car? Are they going to come out and demand a private and public apology from Tiger Woods?

I had thought that I'd seen it all when porn star Joslyn James held her press conference (while fighting back tears) and demanded an apology from Tiger Woods for what he put her through. James came across as a money grubbing streetwalker. Her lawyer, Gloria Allred, came across as a filthy parasite who gives lawyers a bad name.

Now a new woman has entered the picture. She is 69 year old Maureen Decker, Tiger Woods former kindergarten teacher. Maureen would like Tiger to apologize for a story about him written in Charles Barkley's book, "Who's afraid of the big black man". In this story, Tiger claims that on his first day of school, a bunch of kids tied him to a tree and spray painted the word "nigger" on him while teachers at the school stood around and did nothing. Maureen contends that this never happened.

Personally, I'm getting really tired hearing about Tiger Woods. Yes, we all know that he is not the person that most of the world thought that he was. He is not a saint. He screwed up so badly that he will never live it down. It has ruined his legacy forever. GET OVER IT!!

I'd like to send a personal message to that blood sucking leach of an attorney Gloria Allred. We do not care about Tiger Woods and his past exploits! It's old news! You need to go away and try to save the barely there shred of dignity you have left. You are not breaking any news by holding press conferences for crazed porn stars and batty kindergarten teachers!

I'm so sick of hearing about Tiger Woods. Honestly, I'd rather hear a story about Brett Favre.