Tuesday, March 2, 2010

96 Teams...Really?

The NCAA is apparently seriously considering expanding their mens college basketball tournament from 65 teams to a whopping 96.

Why? That's easy...money. More games equals more sponsorships and television revenue. But you won't hear the NCAA saying that. They (and many college coaches) state that the tournament needs to be fixed. They feel that more teams should have the opportunity to play.

What these people don't realize is that life can be unfair sometimes. A basketball team may have its greatest season in its history and still not make "the big dance". It is something that happens each year.

Florida head basketball coach Billy Donovan (a proponent of tournament expansion ) recently told SI.com "I think it's difficult for a player to go through college and never get a chance to play in an NCAA tournament. I went through four years at Providence and only got to experience one my senior year. We went to the Final Four, and what an unbelievable experience it was. These kids work so hard. If it's supposed to be about these kids, and you're saying that the NCAA tournament is the biggest sporting event in our country, why would you not want to have more kids participate?

I completely disagree with what Coach Donovan is saying. Division I college basketball isn't about the "kids". When you get to that level of competition it is no longer about the "kids". Division I sports is big business. For example, the NCAA is in the eighth year of an 11-year, $6 billion contract with CBS for the rights to March Madness. $6 BILLION DOLLARS!!

Please NCAA. Keep March Madness as it is. I don't know of anybody that is complaining while filling out their bracket because some random school with a great record didn't make the tournament. People forget about those teams as soon as they are able to print out their bracket to make their selection.

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