Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Indianapolis Public Schools say "Don't call in sick, we'll just start later" to their employees

I’m normally not a guy that likes to talk political issues. If you’re looking to discuss health care reform, the economy, or the President’s latest speech, you’d better keep looking. I enjoy discussing sports. Today though, these two worlds collided in an article I read on, an online news site devoted to all things Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis Public Schools have declared a 2 hour delay for this coming Monday, so that all children and school staff can stay up late to watch the Super Bowl.
This stems from an incident 3 years ago when the majority of the bus drivers called in “sick” the morning after the Colts defeated the Chicago Bears to win the Super Bowl. The schools ended up cancelling classes for the day due to the lack of bus drivers.

“This year we don’t think cancelling is an option,” IPS spokesperson Kim Hooper said. “The kids need to be in school. I can’t tell a bus driver you should get to bed early, but we want to avoid an issue like in 2007.”

No Kim, you can’t tell a bus driver that they need to get to bed early. What you can do is tell these drivers that it’s fine if they stay up late to watch the Super Bowl and support their hometown team. They need to remember though that they are supposed to be to work at their normally scheduled time.

To me, delaying school for 2 hours on Monday is just setting a bad example for the kids.

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Thats indiana for ya