Sunday, February 21, 2010

Damon to bring his swagger to the Tigers

Johnny Damon is coming to Detroit.

Reports came out on Saturday evening that free agent outfielder Johnny Damon had signed a 1 year $8 million dollar deal with the Detroit Tigers.

This signing looks good on paper for the Tigers. Damon is a big name player who has won 2 World Series titles in the past 6 years (Red Sox in '04 and Yankees in '09). He hit 24 home runs while batting lead off for the World Champion NY Yankees in 2009.

I'm not so sure about this move though. Damon did put up really good numbers last season, but he was playing in the new Yankees Stadium. Home runs were flying out of there at a record pace last season. Comerica Park, on the other hand, is not a home run hitters ballpark. It is very spacious.

Damon is also 36 years old now as well. Although his body has held up remarkably well compared to other players his age, it is something that Detroit has to be worried about. Another concern with Damon is his arm in the outfield. He has one of the weakest (if not the weakest) arms in the major leagues. Heck, I'd even try to score on a base hit to him in the outfield.

The one thing that Damon will bring to the Tigers that I do really like is swagger. Damon is a proven winner in baseball. He has been to the post season almost every year since 2003. The Tigers could have used a guy like that in the clubhouse during the playoff stretch in 2009 when they had a 3 game lead with 4 to go and still lost.

Let's hope that his winning ways can rub off on the Tigers.

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