Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Red Sox fill another need with signing of Beltre

The Boston Red Sox can now check off the last item on their off season needs list.

The team announced today that it has come to terms with free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre on a 1 year $10 million dollar deal. Unfortunately, for a lot of Red Sox fans, this means the end of the Mike Lowell era in Boston.

I really like this move. It makes the Red Sox a lot younger (Beltre is 30 , Lowell is 35 ). The team isn’t going to lose anything defensively because Beltre is a gold glove caliber third baseman just like Lowell. Granted, Beltre wasn’t producing offensively in Seattle, but let’s face it, Lowell hasn’t been producing the last few years either.

The upside on Beltre is monstrous. He is a young, talented player who could prove to be worth more than his contract is paying him. The only downside to him is that his offense has struggled the past few years in Seattle.

If Beltre can become the type of player that he was in Los Angeles, then the Red Sox will be the team to beat in the American League. Not even the Yankees will be able to touch them.

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