Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nice Try NFL, but the Game Still Stinks

For the first time ever, the Pro Bowl is going to be played a week BEFORE the Super Bowl. The NFL changed the date because they want to generate more excitement into what has been the worst all-star game of all the 4 major sports. They figured that if they played the game on the Sunday before the Super Bowl (on the same field) that more people would care about it.

With the game scheduled to be played tomorrow, the league is already calling the switch a success. There is an expected sell out crowd in Miami to watch the game. There is also a much stronger media presence than there normally is. Last year in Honolulu there were 334 credentialed media there compared to 1,076 this year.

Those statistics sure do make the NFL look pretty smart, don’t they? Ticket sales are way up and there are a whole lot more media in town to cover the game…right?

Well, ticket sales are bound to be up simply by placing the game in Miami. According to the U.S. Census, the 2008 population of Miami was 2,398,245 compared to a population of 1,285,498 for the ENTIRE state of Hawaii. And as for there being such a gigantic leap in media…I guarantee that they are not there to cover the Pro Bowl. The week before the Super Bowl is called “Media Week”. If you turn on ESPN during this week odds are they will be showing players on the Colts and Saints sitting at random podium’s answering questions.

The NFL Pro Bowl game still stinks. The stats may look better this season, but the game is still a bore.

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