Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If he's good enough for the Lions, he's got to be good enough for Cleveland...right?

New Cleveland Browns President Mike Holmgren is scheduled to meet with current Browns head coach Eric Mangini today at the team headquarters. This will be the first meeting between the two since Holmgren took over as President.

Nothing is official yet, but I wouldn’t put my money on Mangini patrolling the sidelines for the Brown next year. He had a rocky relationship with his players, their play was pathetic on the field, and now he has a new boss in Holmgren who doesn’t stand for poor play.

The crazy part of this story is who is rumored to be the next head coach of the Browns.

Brace yourself Cleveland fans…it’s MARTY MORNHINWEG!!!! The former Detroit Lions coach who led them to a stellar 5-27 record during his 2 years in Detroit. The same Lions coach who chose to kick off at the start of overtime against the Chicago Bears because he was “confident in our defense” (the first team to score wins in NFL overtimes).

Granted, I’m not a Browns fan. I’m not a fan of any Cleveland sports franchise. But I really hope that Mornhinweg does not get hired in Cleveland. They have very passionate sports fans there and deserve better.

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