Thursday, December 10, 2009

What to do, what to do

The deal has been agreed upon, and as soon as the financial details get worked out Mike Lowell will leave the Boston Red Sox in a trade with the Texas Rangers.

This deal has left a sour taste in the mouths of many Red Sox fans, who have voiced their opinion on many message boards and blogs. Honestly, I don’t blame them for being upset with the deal. Lowell has been an important part of the Red Sox ever since he arrived in Boston, and now he is getting traded for a minor league catcher.

Believe it or not, I am completely fine with this deal. Lowell will be 36 by Opening Day of next year and has been injury prone for the past few years. It is time for the Red Sox to get younger and more athletic, and those are two words that do not describe Mike Lowell. As much as I liked him being a part of the Red Sox, business is business. They got a few good years out of him, and Lowell will forever be a part of Red Sox history.

So what now? The Red Sox have an opening at 3rd base that they need to fill. There are a few options that they can explore. Kevin Youklis has played many games at 3rd and has done well, but that will open a spot at 1st base. David Ortiz has played 1st in the past but since he’s been off of steroids, he seems to be breaking down physically. If Youklis moves to 3rd then the Red Sox will have to obtain a 1st baseman this off season. They have been in contact with the San Diego Padres about Adrian Gonzalez. He is a young, power hitting left handed hitter who would do well at Fenway.

Another option for the Sox would be to keep Youklis at 1st base, and then sign Adrian Beltre to play 3rd. Beltre is a younger, more athletic player than Lowell was. He is a great defensive player who at one time was an MVP candidate with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The only down side to Beltre is that he has been injury prone the past few years, just like Lowell.

Or, the financial details of the trade do not get worked out and Lowell stays the 3rd baseman for the Boston Red Sox and they go on to win the World Series!

I like that last one best.

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