Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Curtis Granderson is a Yankee. Son of a nutcracker!

The Yankees, defending World Series Champions, have added an all star center fielder entering the prime of his career to their already imposing lineup.

On Monday, I heard a rumor about this deal. Then on Tuesday afternoon, the deal was agreed upon. Once all players involved pass their physicals, the deal will be official and Granderson will be the newest part of the evil empire that is the New York Yankees.

As a Red Sox fan, part of me wants the team to go out and spend money to sign as many big free agents as they can. That same part also wants the Red Sox to trade for as many big name players as possible, just to beat the Yankees.

That’s just one part of me. The other side, which is my more rational side, doesn’t want the team to just spend money for the sake of spending money. I don’t want the team to give up some of its best prospects for a top of the line player that is only going to be around for a year or two.

People may be talking now about how good the Yankees are going to be with Granderson, but championships are won on the field, not off of them.

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