Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is Pitino trying to look like an idiot? Or is this just how he is?

When the story first broke out about University of Louisville men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino and his sex scandal, I admittedly was a bit of a skeptic. I figured that she was just a crazed fan who, in her unstable mind, decided to try and exhort Pitino out of a lot of money by conjuring up this ludicrous story of an illicit affair between her and the legendary coach. This economy is tough on everyone and will make desperate people do desperate things.

But then a couple of weeks ago Pitino gave a five minute apology for what he called an “indiscretion” with the woman (Karen Sypher) at a Louisville restaurant six years ago.

Yes, Rick Pitino, the head men’s basketball coach at the University of Louisville, had sex with a woman at a restaurant…IN LOUISVILLE!!! He is probably the most recognized man in the city of Louisville, and he decided to have sex with a woman that was not his wife.

Classy, huh?

After a few days of news coverage, followed by the Louisville Athletic Director stating that the University is “a million percent” behind their coach, this story lost its momentum.

Honestly, I was a little disappointed because I hadn’t gotten the chance to write about it yet.

But, thanks to Coach Pitino and his press conference today, this story is back to life! Thanks Coach!

He said that this scandal has been pure hell for him and his family. He lashed out at the media for reporting on her accusations which he claims are a total fabrication.

Well Coach, you were the one that put your family in this “hell”. Also, these “accusations” that you claim are false are the same accusations that you admitted to a few weeks ago.

"Everything that's been printed, everything that's been reported, everything that's been breaking in the news on the day Ted Kennedy died is 100 percent a lie, a lie," Pitino said. "All of this has been a lie, a total fabrication of the truth."

No Rick, everything that has been reported is not a lie, you even admitted to doing what Karen Sypher said that you did. And what the heck does Ted Kennedy dying have to do with you having sex in a restaurant Don Juan?

Later on in the press conference, Pitino tried to put all of this behind him. "Enough's enough, everybody is tired of it, and we need to get on with the important things in life like the economy and really some crucial things in life like basketball."

This seemed like a lame attempt by Pitino to turn his press conference into a pep rally for his basketball team. I’m surprised that he didn’t have the school mascot in attendance.

I don’t know how many of these scandals that we have to see happen before celebrities realize that they are in control of what happens to them. If they want, their life can be as crazy as a Girls Gone Wild video. Or, they can keep a low profile and avoid any people or places that can get them into trouble.

So what’s next for Rick Pitino and the Louisville Cardinals? Well, if it were up to Pitino, up next would be to forget about all of this and get ready for the 2009-2010 college basketball season.

But if more details come out about this story, he may not be around to see it through.

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