Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is it worth it?

Michael Vick was released from prison last week after serving 23 months for his involvement in an illegal dog fighting ring. He will now spend the next two months in home confinement until July 20th, when he will be officially released.

The great debate regarding Vick has been whether or not he should be allowed to play in the NFL. There are some who believe that his crime was so heinous that he should never be allowed back. Others will say that he’s paid for his crime and should be allowed back in the NFL.

I love my dogs, and when I first heard about what Michael Vick did I was physically sick to my stomach. I wanted to throw up. However, I agree that once he’s officially released, he should be allowed to seek employment in the NFL; but it’s not my decision.

The final decision will rest on the shoulders of Commissioner Roger Goodell; who has already said that he will consider reinstating Vick if he feels like he is remorseful for what he has done.

I believe that Vick will be reinstated by Goodell, most likely under some sort of zero tolerance stipulation coupled with a short suspension.

Once Vick is officially eligible to join a team, a lot of people are going to wonder who is going to pursue him. My question is who’s going to want him? His original team, the Atlanta Falcons, have already stated that Vick will not be coming back to Atlanta.

Vick was a phenomenal athlete, one of the best that I’ve ever seen. Honestly though, he wasn’t that great of a quarterback. I looked back at the Falcons record during his tenure as the starter in Atlanta. From 2003-2006, the Falcons were a mediocre 40-39. Sure, he could cause problems for opposing defenses because of his ability to run the ball, but he was very one dimensional.

Now, after being out of football for the past two years, he’s going to attempt a comeback (with the Commissioner’s approval). I’ve got to believe that playing football against the other prison inmates in the yard hasn’t kept him as sharp as teams would like him to be.

He’s going to be rusty…very rusty.

Ask yourself one question. If you are coaching a team in the Super Bowl, it’s the 4th quarter of a tie game with 2 minutes left on the clock. You have your choice of Michael Vick or Tom Brady to lead your team…who would you choose?

Needless to say, somebody will bring him into camp this summer. Heck, Lawrence Phillips even got a second chance. Leonard Little drove drunk and killed somebody, and he’s still playing!

Whichever team does decide to give him that chance will have to weigh the positives versus a lot of negatives that go along with bringing Vick into camp. The day that his signing is announced, a wave of protestors are going to show up at the team’s headquarters waving their signs and chanting their disapproval of Vick joining an NFL team.

So, to answer the question on whether or not Michael Vick should be allowed to play in the NFL; I say yes. He should be allowed. The real question is will he play. I say no. His actions have made him too much of a risk.

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