Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ESPN encourages attention craving ex QB to think about unretiring again

As I was listening to a sports talk radio show the other day, they asked the question; who’s more pathetic; Brett Favre or the Minnesota Vikings? My answer to that is C. None of the above.

In my opinion, that dubious honor goes to ESPN. ESPN seems to have daily Favre updates on whatever he is doing, no matter how meaningless.

Just a few weeks ago they reported that a corporate jet had taken off from Minneapolis and was headed to Hattiesburg Mississippi…the home of Brett Favre!


No, later on in the day it was reported that the plane from Minneapolis to Hattiesburg unfortunately was filled with executives from the Target Corporation.

Now I keep hearing reports from them that Favre has hired a new trainer and he is working out with the high school football team again!


Maybe not…ESPN reported that Favre had to stop practicing after 10 throws because his arm hurt.

They have even stationed a reporter, Rachel Nichols, down in Hattiesburg. When the anchor on SportsCenter went to the live feed of her in Hattiesburg, he asked her if there were any sightings of Favre that day. She replied that she saw many #4 jerseys that day, but none of them were Favre.

What a waste of time, talent, and money! Each year this always happens on their network. Will he come back or won’t he? Do the Packers regret letting him go? What team would be the best fit for Favre?

I’d like to take the time to help ESPN out with these burning questions.

No, Favre won’t be coming back. He’s 40 years old! The only people in the NFL at 40 years of age are either coaches or kickers.

No, the Packers do not regret letting Favre go. The chaos and distraction that he has caused them these past few years because he can’t make up his mind have been enough to drive a team crazy.

The team that would be the best fit for Favre would be the Hattiesburg Tigers. That team would benefit the most from having Brett Favre around.

I didn't even realize it, but this Favre/ESPN fixation was illustrated to me by my 3 year old nephew. He was doing something silly during dinner, so we all started to laugh. Once we laughed, my nephew decided to do it again. Then we all laughed again.

That’s when it hit me, my nephew is like a Brett Favre comeback attempt and we were all like ESPN. We kept giving my nephew attention. As soon as we stopped, he realized that what he was doing wasn’t funny to us anymore and he stopped.

Word to the wise ESPN, if you stop giving something attention, it will soon go away. So please, rescue Rachel Nichols from Hattiesburg. There are more valid sports stories out there to cover.
It’s time for Favre to go away.

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