Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You stay classy Philadelphia...

Dan Leone, a game day employee for the last six years with the Philadelphia Eagles, was fired yesterday by the team after posting some disgruntled comments on his Facebook page about the team's inability to sign their star safety Brian Dawkins.

"Dan is [expletive] devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver ... Dam Eagles R Retarted!!"

Leone later deleted the comments off of his page. "I shouldn't have put it up there," Leone said, the Inquirer reported. "I was ticked off, and I let my emotions go, but I didn't offend any one person or target a specific individual. I was just upset that we lost such a great guy. Dawkins was one of my favorite players."

Leone was told over the phone that he was being relieved of his duties by the guest services manager.

Rachel Vitagliano, the team's guest services manager, told him that he couldn't be trusted, that the post made the team look bad, and that the only way to resolve the situation was to fire him.

Seriously Rachel? SERIOUSLY?

This is a loyal fan and six year employee who is at the stadium on game days only (8-10 times a season). His exact title is West Gate Chief. Basically, he stays at the west gate until they need him elsewhere in the stadium.

I have no issue at all with the Eagles asking him to take down the comment. People shouldn't be ripping their employer's. But for crying out loud, he's just a game day employee. Where's the "brotherly love" that the city is named for?

To say that he couldn't be trusted and that the post made the team look bad is ridiculous. What makes the team look bad is the crap that they put out on display each Sunday in the fall. They should fire head coach Andy Reid for making the team look bad!

I could understand this more if the person in question was a full time employee of the Eagles. If I was running the Eagles and my VP of Sales Development ripped my team online, I'd fire that person in a millisecond.

This was different though. Dan Leone was a lifelong Eagles fan who was living a dream by working with them. Like any hardcore fan, he gets disappointed when a popular player leaves the team.

He's such a dedicated fan, that he would still love to get his old job back and work with the Eagles again. Unfortunately, the Eagles have shown what a classless organization they are and will probably not take him back.

Way to show some brotherly love Philly...

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