Monday, March 9, 2009

Why is the World Baseball Classic played during spring training?
Starting in 2006, many countries from around the globe put together an all star baseball team and compete in a tournament to determine the best in the world. This happens every three years during MLB's spring training.
I am not a fan of this because the players can easily get hurt while doing this. I would much rather see them in camp with their major league team.
Yes, I do realize that players can just as easily get hurt playing in a spring training game or even practice. But I, and I believe many other fans would be less agitated if their favorite player got hurt playing for their team rather than by playing for the USA in a meaningless tournament.
I have heard some other people campaign for the WBC to be played during a different time of year (besides spring training). I have heard people campaign for this to be played during the all-star break or after the World Series. I believe that a better time would be during the playoffs.
I realize that this would eliminate the concern for injury. By that I mean that if a player got hurt playing in the WBC, then he could have plenty of time for rehab/surgery if needed. There are many players that have surgery or other medical procedures done after the season, and they have plenty of time to rehab before spring training.
Some people might argue that this would eliminate some players from playing in the WBC because their team is in the playoffs. I would answer them this way, "What would you rather have, your team in the playoffs or sitting at home so your favorite player can play in the WBC?"
I would much rather have my team in the playoffs.

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