Sunday, March 8, 2009

T.O. to Buffalo?? Yeah, and monkey's might fly out of my butt!!

Get your popcorn ready Buffalo, the T.O. show is headed your way.
Yesterday, the Buffalo Bills signed the biggest diva in the NFL to a 1-year contract.
This came as quite the surprise to me. I had read many lists of possible destinations for the ageing wide receiver, but Buffalo was not on any of them. The Bills are not really an up and coming team that needs that one more player to be a Super Bowl contender. On the other hand, they aren't as bad as the Lions either.
This move makes sense for Buffalo though. Over the past two years, they have only 26 receiving touchdowns as a team. T.O. has 25 by himself in that same period.
There will be a lot of pressure on many people in Buffalo this year now. Head coach Dick Jauron is already on the hot seat and will need to win this year in order to keep his job. Quarterback Trent Edwards will need to be able to get the ball to not only T.O., but also to his other receiver Lee Evans (who will also need to step it up). Also, the entire offensive line will need to protect the oft injured Edwards.
It should be an interesting season in Buffalo. Get your hot wings ready Bills fans.

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