Sunday, March 29, 2009

Poor Hanley Ramirez, life's so unfair

Poor Hanley Ramirez. Poor, poor Hanley Ramirez. This kid just can't catch a break.
I realize that life is unfair, but Ramirez has had a very hard year.
It all started last May when he signed a six year, $70 million dollar contract with the Florida Marlins.
He was already a 25 year old starting shortstop on a major league baseball team. He also plays all of his home games in a town that many people say is populated by "beautiful" people (many models).
If that weren't hard enough, he then goes out and has an all-star caliber season by hitting .301 with 33 home runs.
Now, with the 2009 season almost upon us, Ramirez's manager wants his players to all get hair cuts and to not wear any jewelry on the field! Can you believe it!! OH THE HUMANITY!!!
***Writer's note***We are now going to move from "Hanley's World" into the real world***
When I am thinking of something to write about, I usually listen to the radio or read articles online or in a magazine. Something will usually grab my attention and stir up some sort of emotionally charged reaction. This is how I start my articles.
I was flabbergasted when I read the article about Hanley Ramirez's antics. According to Yahoo Sports, Ramirez wrote in Sharpie on his chest "I'm sick of this ****" when the reporters came in to interview the players after a game.
Ramirez continued his temper tantrum by saying, "I'm angry," to reporters. "I want to be traded ... It's incredible. We're big leaguers."
Yes Hanley, you are a big leaguer. Big leaguers need to be big boys and not throw hissy fits when their manager makes a request as simple as cutting your hair and not wearing any jewelry on the field.
Come on now Hanley, you're better than this! Honestly, from the recent picture (above) of you, you won't have to cut much hair off! Also, do you really need to wear jewelry during a game? I know that it was cool when Mr. T did it on the "A-Team", but that was a television show. He was acting. Major League Baseball is for real.
Hanley Ramirez is a young superstar on an even younger team. He and his manager need to get on the same page for the betterment of the team. If Ramirez and his manager are not on the same page, then the Florida Marlins are in for a rocky season.

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