Thursday, March 5, 2009

No T.O. in the Big D...

"Alright, everyone who is going to be playing for the Dallas Cowboys next season please step forward...not so fast Terrell"
In a move that surprised no one (except for Terrell), the Dallas Cowboys released diva wide receiver Terrell Owens today. Owens, 35, finished last season with 1052 yards and 10 touchdowns. Still, his production on the field was heavily outweighed by the distractions that he caused off of it.
Many will recall this past season when Owens publicly criticized quarterback Tony Romo (Mr. Jessica Simpson) and tight end Jason Witten of drawing up plays together while rooming together when on the road. Instead of meeting with them privately to discuss his issues, Owens felt the need to take the elementary school route and vent via the media.
Owens has caused problems wherever he has gone. He was run out of San Francisco after not getting alone with quarterback Jeff Garcia (Owens later questioned Garcia's sexual the media). Although he played a big part in helping the Philadelphia Eagles reach the Super Bowl, he routinely criticized quarterback Donovan McNabb, fought with teammates, and called the Eagles organization classless. The Eagles suspended him for the final month of that season and later released him outright.
The Dallas Cowboys then picked up T.O. since Jerry Jones has it stuck in his head that troubled players will turn things around in the Big D. Owens played for three years in Dallas and seemed to find his way into controversy consistently.
That brings us to today. Owens is now unemployed and the question is where he will go next. He still is very talented, but the excess baggage is overwhelming. He's also alienated almost everyone he's been in contact with over the course of the last 5-10 years.
This should be an interesting story...get your popcorn ready!

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