Friday, March 13, 2009

K.C. needs A.C.!!

Next month is the NFL draft. It is a time of the year that pro football fans look to as when their team will attempt to get better. If you're a Detroit Lions fan, it's when your team drafts another wide receiver. Also, if you're a New York Jets fan, it's when you boo whatever player that your team picks.
The Kansas City Chiefs will be drafting #3. Like most teams that are drafting that high, their needs are many. They have already addressed the QB issue with the recent acquisition of Matt Cassell. In my mind, it's time to grab a top flight linebacker. I realize that they already have Derrick Johnson, and picked up Mike Vrabel in the Cassell deal.
They need Aaron Curry of Wake Forest.
Let's face it though, Vrabel isn't getting any younger. However, he does know how to win. He will provide a veteran leadership role to the many young players that are already in KC. With Vrabel playing and mentoring alongside Curry and Johnson, it will form a dynamic linebacker core that will be feared for years to come.
For those that haven't seen Curry in action, please click on this highlight to see what he can do...

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