Sunday, March 29, 2009

Poor Hanley Ramirez, life's so unfair

Poor Hanley Ramirez. Poor, poor Hanley Ramirez. This kid just can't catch a break.
I realize that life is unfair, but Ramirez has had a very hard year.
It all started last May when he signed a six year, $70 million dollar contract with the Florida Marlins.
He was already a 25 year old starting shortstop on a major league baseball team. He also plays all of his home games in a town that many people say is populated by "beautiful" people (many models).
If that weren't hard enough, he then goes out and has an all-star caliber season by hitting .301 with 33 home runs.
Now, with the 2009 season almost upon us, Ramirez's manager wants his players to all get hair cuts and to not wear any jewelry on the field! Can you believe it!! OH THE HUMANITY!!!
***Writer's note***We are now going to move from "Hanley's World" into the real world***
When I am thinking of something to write about, I usually listen to the radio or read articles online or in a magazine. Something will usually grab my attention and stir up some sort of emotionally charged reaction. This is how I start my articles.
I was flabbergasted when I read the article about Hanley Ramirez's antics. According to Yahoo Sports, Ramirez wrote in Sharpie on his chest "I'm sick of this ****" when the reporters came in to interview the players after a game.
Ramirez continued his temper tantrum by saying, "I'm angry," to reporters. "I want to be traded ... It's incredible. We're big leaguers."
Yes Hanley, you are a big leaguer. Big leaguers need to be big boys and not throw hissy fits when their manager makes a request as simple as cutting your hair and not wearing any jewelry on the field.
Come on now Hanley, you're better than this! Honestly, from the recent picture (above) of you, you won't have to cut much hair off! Also, do you really need to wear jewelry during a game? I know that it was cool when Mr. T did it on the "A-Team", but that was a television show. He was acting. Major League Baseball is for real.
Hanley Ramirez is a young superstar on an even younger team. He and his manager need to get on the same page for the betterment of the team. If Ramirez and his manager are not on the same page, then the Florida Marlins are in for a rocky season.

Friday, March 27, 2009

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi...

Don't get me wrong, I like Tom Brady. I was a fan of his during his college days at Michigan, and I am still a fan of his as the quarterback of the New England Patriots. He is arguably one of the greatest playoff quarterbacks of all time.

One thing that I am not a fan of, is how his injury in Week 1 of this past NFL season has affected the upcoming season.

For those that don't know, the NFL instituted 11 rule changes for this upcoming season. I agree with most of them, question a couple of them, and totally disagree with the one put into place because of Tom Brady.

The new rule states that a defensive player on the ground may no longer lunge or dive at the quarterback's lower legs.

Last season, Bernard Pollard of the KC Chiefs was rushing the quarterback, just like he does on each play. On this particular play, he was taken to the ground before the play was over. With the Patriots Tom Brady directly in front of him, Pollard lunged at Brady to try and make the sack. Pollard got to Brady just after the pass was thrown.

Unfortunately, Brady tore his left ACL on the play which sidelined him for the rest of the season.

Last season, the hit by Pollard on Brady was perfectly legal. This season, it will be illegal.

I've just got to wonder, if it was anybody else but Tom Brady, would this rule have been put in place? Would the NFL have made such a rule change if it were Sage Rosenfels who got hurt? How about Alex Smith? Would Daunte Culpepper have gotten the same treatment?

I don't think so.

Tom Brady is one of the league's most recognizable and marketable stars who plays the most popular position on the football field. He is also married to one of the most popular supermodels of all time in Gisele Bundchen. I'm sure that he generates a lot of money just by being on the football field, and last year he wasn't able to because of a "freak" incident.

This rule has been dubbed the "Brady Rule", but it may as well be called the "Cindy Brady Rule".

What's next, two hand touch below the waist? Or should the NFL make the defense count to "5 Mississippi" before they are allowed to rush?

I understand that the NFL wants to take care of their players. I am glad that they are very invested in their safety, but the injury to Tom Brady was a freak injury. It wasn't a dirty hit, it wasn't intentional. It was an unfortunate injury. That's all.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to realize that this is the NFL. Players will get hurt. If they don't want to get hurt, then they shouldn't play. If he doesn't want to see Tom Brady get hurt again, then tell him to become a kicker. That should minimize his risk of injury.

Let them play Mr. Goodell, just let them play.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thanks for the memories George...

One of baseball's all-time greats has left us. George Kell passed away yesterday at the age of 86 in Swifton, Arkansas.

Kell was a Hall of Fame third baseman who played from 1943-1957 for many teams, including the Detroit Tigers.

I never got the opportunity to see him play, but I will always remember him as the broadcaster of the Detroit Tigers. When I first started watching baseball, George Kell and Al Kaline were doing play by play for the Tigers.

When I first heard about George's passing, a number of his catch phrases went through my head. Phrases like "They're gonna wave him in!", and "Long drive, waaaaaaayy back, Gone!, " and starting every game with "Hello everybody, I'm George Kell". Just saying these simple catch phrases doesn't do justice to the way that he said them with his Arkansas accent.

In my eyes, George Kell was an iconic figure. They don't make broadcasters like him anymore. You would never hear him yell "Holy Cow!" whenever the Tigers did something great. If the Tigers hit a home run, he wouldn't say "And you can put it on the boooaaaarrrdddd, Yes!". If someone was on a hitting streak, George Kell would never say that person is "En Fuego".

He kept things simple. Baseball is a simple game to play, and he called it in a simple way.

George Kell was a Tigers broadcaster for 37 years, and he was teamed with Al Kaline for 15 of them. I will always remember watching and listening to those two talk about Tigers baseball. If I saw a picture of them together, I couldn't help but think of Tigers baseball. Nowadays, you would be hard pressed to find a broadcasting duo that has lasted that long. Broadcasters jump around from team to team, and sometimes from sport to sport.

Thank you for the memories Mr. Kell. Thank you for coming into our living rooms each week and treating us to Tigers baseball. Most importantly, thank you for being you.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One of the best...but is he Hall-Worthy?

“Turn out the lights, the party’s over”
I used to wait with bated breath for Don Meredith to start singing that on “Monday Night Football.” Normally, it was sweet music if the Steelers were playing.
If I could get him to sing it again, I would. This party has officially ended. After being blessed to experience 23 years of playing professional baseball in front of the world’s best fans in so many different places, it is with zero regrets that I am making my retirement official.
-Curt Schilling
Curt Schilling announced on his blog at yesterday that he was officially retiring from baseball, ending a 23 year career.
Whenever a notable professional athlete retires from their respective sport, it's customary for sports journalists to debate whether or not their career was Hall of Fame worthy.
It has been no different for Schilling. Over the last 24 hours, I have read or heard from many different people who all have their own opinions on whether or not Schilling is a Hall of Famer.
Some people have said that he is not a Hall of Famer. "216 wins is not enough to merit a Hall of Fame career", "He was good, but not great", and "I can think of other players who are more deserving" are just some of the reasons given by people who think that Schilling does not belong in the Hall of Fame.
If I had a Hall of Fame vote, I would most definitely vote for Schilling. The reason why I would can be summed up in three words, "He's got guts". Schilling is a guy that can go out and put a team on his back. He will pitch his heart out for you (remember the bloody sock?).
Curt Schilling is a big game pitcher. He wanted the ball in pressure situations.
Schilling's post season record shows just how much of a big game pitcher he was. In 12 post season games, Schilling's record was 10-2 with a 2.23 ERA. He struck out 120 batters in 133.1 innings. Simply put, Schilling was lights out in the post season.
Not only was Schilling gutsy on the mound, he was also gutsy off of it. He's a guy that was never afraid to tell you how he felt. Sometimes I agreed with him, sometimes I didn't. One things for sure though, I always admired him for not being afraid to speak his mind. Some of his more memorable quotes are...
"They've never booed a player who stunk.”
"I guess I hate the Yankees now." — (when he signed with the Red Sox after the 2003 season.)
"I'm not sure I can think of any scenario more enjoyable than making 55,000 people from New York shut up." - (before the start of the 2004 league championship series)
"Jose Canseco admitted he cheated his entire career. Everything he ever did should be wiped clean. I think his MVP should go back and should go to the runner up."
"He admitted he used steroids. There's no gray area. He admitted cheating on his wife, cheating on taxes and cheating on the game." - (Schilling on the Barry Bonds steroid scandal)
Some would call Curt Schilling controversial, others would call him opinionated. Red Sox and Diamondback fans call him a legend. It is my hope that in five years, we all are calling him a Hall of Famer.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Same Old Dennis, Same Tired Act...

Last night, my wife and I were watching "Celebrity" Apprentice. I'd first like to say that the word "celebrity" does not mean to me what it means to other people. When I think of "Celebrity", I think of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, David Letterman, Derek Jeter, etc. Apparently, when NBC thinks of celebrities, they think of washed up comedians (Andrew Dice Clay & Tom Green), daughters of celebrities (Melissa Rivers), and girls that hold briefcases on a once popular game show (that girl from Deal or no Deal).
They also think of former NBA basketball players who are still clinging to the renegade/loose cannon image that they portrayed during their playing days.
Dennis Rodman, a 48 year old adult, decided to act like a little kid and attempt to pick a fight with Clint Black during one of the team challenges. It was very bizarre because Rodman and Black were not even together at the time, Rodman had to walk across the room to confront Black. Once he got to Black, I couldn't even tell what Rodman was saying because of all the obscenities he was yelling. Rodman finally decided to storm out of the room like my 3 year old nephew does when he's grumpy.
The "confrontation" was kind of humorous because Rodman was 6'7 and little Clint Black is only 5'9.
I thought that it was interesting that Rodman decided to confront Black and not the other members of their team. For those that don't watch the show, the other members of the team are Brian McKnight, Herschel Walker, and Jesse James. I would put my money on James and Walker in a fight against Rodman any day of the week, and McKnight is no slouch either. During the board room portion of the show, Trump actually asked Jesse James if he thinks that he could take Rodman in a fight. James looked at Rodman and replied, "I'll fight him right now".
Why did Rodman confront Clint Black? Simply put, people weren't paying enough attention to him so he decided to make a scene with the one person that he knew wouldn't respond. This would put the focus back on him.
Rodman has done this his entire life. It all started when he was in Detroit and showed up at training camp with blonde hair. Soon after that the tattoo's and multi colored hair started showing up when he was playing for the San Antonio Spurs. During his time in Chicago, he increased his crazy behavior with other wild antics like showing up at his book signing in a wedding dress.
Dennis Rodman was a million dollar athlete. He led the league in rebounding seven straight years and once average 18.7 rebounds per game during one of those. His problem was that he has a five cent head. It was very easy for opponents to take him out of his game. The first time that the Pistons played Dennis Rodman and the Spurs, Piston center Bill Laimbeer (one of the smartest athlete's I've ever seen) told his team "Leave Rodman up to me, I'll have him out of the game by halftime". Sure enough, Laimbeer had Rodman so frustrated and out of his element that Rodman received two technicals by the middle of the second quarter and was kicked out of the game. The Pistons ended up winning the game.
On the "Celebrity" Apprentice, he has continued to show a persecution complex, which he demonstrated for most of his basketball career. In Rodman's opinion, people are always out to get him because he's "different". He thinks that because he has a lot of tattoos, multiple piercings, and changed his hair to more colors than the rainbow, that people view him as different and are out to get him.
He's wrong. I believe that people liked him because he was different. It was his constant belief that people wanted to persecute him, along with his inability to keep his head in the game, that made people grow tired of him.
Rodman's off color antics have allowed him to squeeze every second out of his fifteen minutes of fame. Unfortunately for him, his time is up. Dennis seems to be a troubled person and I hope that he is able to ride off into the sunset and find happiness, whatever that is for him.
It's time to close the curtain on your act Dennis, it's growing old.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

No, the pictures above are not the latest Abercrombie & Fitch ads. They are of none other than NY Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez posing for Details Magazine.

Now, I've got no problem with people doing magazine cover shoots. It happens all of the time. With that being said, I'm just wondering who approved these shots of A-Rod? They just give me the heebie-jeebies. Was the empty room/bare mattress/tire decor supposed to make Rodriguez look tough? It didn't work.

Also, what's going on with that mirror? The pictures of him laying on the mattress looking longingly into it make him look like he's WAY too into himself. If Rodriguez was loving himself any more, these pictures would have to be in a different magazine. Even Tyra Banks would say that he's gone too far.

Let me just say, kissing yourself in the mirror is really weird. Even Manny Ramirez would say these pictures are strange.

I don't know if A-Rod has a PR person or not, but if he does, he needs to fire them and hire whomever Derek Jeter has. Jeter is someone who gets photographed a lot. He has been in hundreds of magazines. I'd bet my bottom dollar that he would never approve of being in a shoot like this.

In a strange way, I feel for A-Rod. He can't win. No matter what he does, especially now, he will never be thought of like Derek Jeter is. On the other hand, he brought all of this on himself. He took the steroids, he signed that massive contract, he decided to re-sign with the Yankees, and he is the one that ultimately makes the decisions about what he says and does.

I remember a classmate of mine in college. He was a die hard Yankees fan and I was (and still am) a Red Sox fan. We naturally traded jabs with each other all semester. Before class one day, I asked him what he honestly thought of A-Rod. With a straight face he said, "We'll never win a championship with him".

That sums up A-Rod for me...he'll never win.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whistles "Tweet" During Games, but not Players!

Milwaukee Bucks forward Charlie Villanueva received a talking to from head coach Scott Skiles after he learned that Villanueva had posted a "tweet" on Twitter during halftime of the Bucks game against the Celtics this past Sunday.
"We made a point to Charlie and the team that it's nothing we ever want to happen again," Skiles said after practice Tuesday. "You know, (we) don't want to blow it out of proportion. But anything that gives the impression that we're not serious and focused at all times is not the correct way we want to go about our business."
The following is the actual post from Villanueva on Twitter...
"In da locker room, snuck to post my twitt. We're playing the Celtics, tie ball game at da half. Coach wants more toughness. I gotta step up."
I'm not going to go out and label Villanueva an idiot or stupid for doing this during halftime of a game, but I will say that he made a dumb mistake. The Bucks are barely hanging onto the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference and were playing the defending world champion Celtics. In my mind, the last thing that he should have been doing is posting on Twitter. He needed to be paying attention to his coaches and getting ready for the second half.
"The halftime twitt actually motivated me," he posted. "That's why I did it, plus of course to keep you guys in the loop of some live action."
Thanks Charlie, but we can get all of the live NBA action from television or the Internet on our own. If you'd like to "tweet" us after the game about what you're having for dinner, feel free. I hear that Milwaukee has some great steakhouses.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If I Could Turn Back Time...

This past off season, Josh McDaniels was a heavily sought after head coaching candidate. He had just finished the season as the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots where he coached Matt Cassell (who's now with the KC Chiefs) to an unbelievable season.
Whenever a head coaching job opened up, McDaniels name was mentioned. He was a young, energetic coach who had learned under the tutelage of Bill Belichick.
The Denver Broncos were the lucky team that was enable to secure McDaniels services. He replaced long time Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, in a move that signaled a turning point for the franchise. Things were looking great for the Broncos. A young star quarterback to go along with a young hot shot head coach would equal great things for the Broncos.
Or so we thought.
Soon after McDaniels got the Broncos job, he called franchise quarterback Jay Cutler to introduce himself and to let him know that he was looking forward to working with him. After that, he reportedly sought out a trade that would get Cutler out of Denver and bring Matt Cassell in. Following these reports, McDaniels denied any trade talks involving Cutler. He then said that he did entertain trade talks, but did not instigate them. He later said that Cutler would not be traded.
McDaniels was quoted in the Denver Post on Monday as saying: "Obviously, the trade went through with another team. We moved on. I'm not sure if that's where all the discontent stems from or not. I'm sure most of it does."
Everyone knows that professional football is a business. Players and coaches change teams and move from city to city for the benefit of the team, but there is one thing that is vital to any business, whether it's running a professional football team or a lemonade stand in front of your house.
Without communication, people will not trust anybody. Without communication, co-workers will not feel a part of the "team".
If McDaniels would have been up front and honest with Cutler about his desires to have Cassell in Denver with him, then the Broncos may have avoided all of this unwanted media attention. Sure, Cutler may have had his ego hurt, but he's a professional athlete. It's not personal, it's just business.
The way that McDaniels, GM Xanders, and Owner Pat Bowlen have handled this situation has put the Broncos in a bad situation. McDaniels failure to be up front and honest with Cutler has made him look shady and dishonest to the rest of his team.
McDaniels tried to get his quarterback (Cassell) in Denver with him, with the thought that if he couldn't, then he's still got a star QB in Cutler. Unfortunately, he fumbled that situation and now it looks like he's going into his first season as a head coach with no star QB, and a team that doesn't trust him.
Good luck on the season Coach! I'm sure it's going to be great!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Madness is upon us!!

With yesterday being Selection Sunday, it meant the kickoff of quite possibly the greatest few weeks of the year for sports.

It's NCAA tournament time folks! It's the time of the year where every office has their own bracket. It's where fans feverishly study the teams in hopes of picking this years Cinderella story team that will help them win their office pool. Unfortunately, it's the person in the office that has never watched a basketball game in their life that quite often wins. They usually pick their brackets by the color of the teams jersey's, the school mascot, or something like that which drives hard core sports fans crazy.

As for me, I'm not going to be putting any money into any pools this year. I've tasted success before (I won $500 in a pool with a previous employer) and have also lost a fair amount. Sure I'll enter a few free pools just for fun, but this year I'll be wagering against my wife. The prize is dinner out. If I win, then I get to pick the place. If she wins, then she will decide where we go. Either way though, I will win because I enjoy a night out.

I'm hoping that this will be an easy win for me, but my luck the past few years is telling me otherwise.

With that being said, I'd like to share a few tips that I've learned over the years. Some have helped me, and others haven't worked so well.
  • In at least one of the four #12 vs. #5 games, pick the #12 team.
  • At least two of the #1 seeds are not going to make it to the Final Four.
  • Most of the Big Ten teams will lose their opening round game.
  • No matter how carefully you pick your brackets, Gonzaga will screw them up.
  • Flip a coin to decide the #8 vs. #9 games.

I have more tips, but I've decided that since my wife reads these articles, I'm going to keep the rest to myself. Good luck to all in your picks!

Friday, March 13, 2009

K.C. needs A.C.!!

Next month is the NFL draft. It is a time of the year that pro football fans look to as when their team will attempt to get better. If you're a Detroit Lions fan, it's when your team drafts another wide receiver. Also, if you're a New York Jets fan, it's when you boo whatever player that your team picks.
The Kansas City Chiefs will be drafting #3. Like most teams that are drafting that high, their needs are many. They have already addressed the QB issue with the recent acquisition of Matt Cassell. In my mind, it's time to grab a top flight linebacker. I realize that they already have Derrick Johnson, and picked up Mike Vrabel in the Cassell deal.
They need Aaron Curry of Wake Forest.
Let's face it though, Vrabel isn't getting any younger. However, he does know how to win. He will provide a veteran leadership role to the many young players that are already in KC. With Vrabel playing and mentoring alongside Curry and Johnson, it will form a dynamic linebacker core that will be feared for years to come.
For those that haven't seen Curry in action, please click on this highlight to see what he can do...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let it go...

In an interview with Esquire magazine, Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon ripped former teammate Manny Ramirez by labeling him a cancer in the clubhouse. The following is taken directly from that interview...

"... So Manny was tough for us. You have somebody like him, you know at any point in the ball game, he can dictate the outcome of the game," Papelbon is quoted as saying in the interview with Esquire's Chris Jones that took place in mid-January. "And for him not to be on the same page as the rest of the team was a killer, man! It just takes one guy to bring an entire team down, and that’s exactly what was happening.
"Once we saw that, we weren’t afraid to get rid of him. It’s like cancer. That’s what he was. Cancer. He had to go. It sucked, but that was the only scenario that was going to work. That was it for us. And after, you could feel it in the air in the clubhouse. We got Jason Bay — Johnny Ballgame, plays the game right, plays through broken knees, runs out every ground ball — and it was like a breath of fresh air, man! Awesome! No question.”

When informed of Papelbon's comments, Manny Ramirez didn't seem bothered. "I'm here, not there anymore," Ramirez said. "I moved on."

Let's get this straight, I like Jonathan Papelbon. I think that he is going to go down as one of the greatest closers of all time. He's got a closer's mentality; a killer instinct mixed in with a little dash of crazy.

However, I've got to take Manny's side on this one. Honestly, what good did it do to rip Manny in the media? I'll answer that, not one bit of good. We all know what Manny was doing last year. We all saw him not hustle down the first base line to try and beat out a throw. Manny dogged it so that he could get out of Boston. We know it, the Red Sox knew it, and Manny most certainly knew it.

The time has come to move on. Manny is in LA. The Red Sox are going into this year with a better team than they had last year.

I admire Papelbon's willingness to "shoot from the hip", but it's time to concentrate on this year. Let's keep the comments towards the 2009 Red Sox Jonathan.

Minor League Parks...Major League Experience

With spring officially upon us next week, my wife and I decided that we would try to make it to some baseball games this summer. This is something that we haven't been able to do in the past because I've always had school to deal with. However, I'm going to be graduating this spring and we'll hopefully have more time to take these "mini" trips to some minor league ballparks this summer.

During these economic times, I would highly recommend that people take in some of these games. It allows us to get away for a few hours a night and forget about any of our stresses. It is also a lot nicer on the pocketbook compared to a night at a major league park. actually published an article on their website about the many bargains that you can find at these games. In it they put together a chart that classifies the average price by ticket, soda, beer, hot dog, program, and parking. It is also classified by level (AAA, AA, A, SS). That article can be viewed by clicking here.

At these parks you can find some things that you wouldn't expect to find at any other park. For example, the West Michigan Whitecaps have just introduced some new menu items. The biggest (literally) is the new Fifth Third burger. This monstrous sandwich consists of a beef patty weighing “five thirds of a pound”, nacho cheese, chili, salsa, crunched tortilla chips, tomato and lettuce served on a special 8-inch sesame seed bun. It will be sold at the Sweet Meats concession stand on the third base concourse.

“The Fifth Third burger is not for the casual eater,” said Whitecaps Director of Food and Beverage Matt Timon. “It has nearly 5,000 calories, 300 grams of fat and a whole lot of carbs.”

Minor League Baseball is also known for staging some very creative promotions. Last year brought us the likes of "Hannah Montana Ride your kids coattails night" where any parent who brought in an award won by their children could purchase a ticket for $1. This was inspired by Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus. Another great promotion was the "Honey I think my hot dog is green night" where some hot dogs actually had cash wrapped up in them! People could find anywhere from $2 to $100 inside their hot dogs!

Spring is upon us let's get out to the park and enjoy it this year!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You stay classy Philadelphia...

Dan Leone, a game day employee for the last six years with the Philadelphia Eagles, was fired yesterday by the team after posting some disgruntled comments on his Facebook page about the team's inability to sign their star safety Brian Dawkins.

"Dan is [expletive] devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver ... Dam Eagles R Retarted!!"

Leone later deleted the comments off of his page. "I shouldn't have put it up there," Leone said, the Inquirer reported. "I was ticked off, and I let my emotions go, but I didn't offend any one person or target a specific individual. I was just upset that we lost such a great guy. Dawkins was one of my favorite players."

Leone was told over the phone that he was being relieved of his duties by the guest services manager.

Rachel Vitagliano, the team's guest services manager, told him that he couldn't be trusted, that the post made the team look bad, and that the only way to resolve the situation was to fire him.

Seriously Rachel? SERIOUSLY?

This is a loyal fan and six year employee who is at the stadium on game days only (8-10 times a season). His exact title is West Gate Chief. Basically, he stays at the west gate until they need him elsewhere in the stadium.

I have no issue at all with the Eagles asking him to take down the comment. People shouldn't be ripping their employer's. But for crying out loud, he's just a game day employee. Where's the "brotherly love" that the city is named for?

To say that he couldn't be trusted and that the post made the team look bad is ridiculous. What makes the team look bad is the crap that they put out on display each Sunday in the fall. They should fire head coach Andy Reid for making the team look bad!

I could understand this more if the person in question was a full time employee of the Eagles. If I was running the Eagles and my VP of Sales Development ripped my team online, I'd fire that person in a millisecond.

This was different though. Dan Leone was a lifelong Eagles fan who was living a dream by working with them. Like any hardcore fan, he gets disappointed when a popular player leaves the team.

He's such a dedicated fan, that he would still love to get his old job back and work with the Eagles again. Unfortunately, the Eagles have shown what a classless organization they are and will probably not take him back.

Way to show some brotherly love Philly...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Why is the World Baseball Classic played during spring training?
Starting in 2006, many countries from around the globe put together an all star baseball team and compete in a tournament to determine the best in the world. This happens every three years during MLB's spring training.
I am not a fan of this because the players can easily get hurt while doing this. I would much rather see them in camp with their major league team.
Yes, I do realize that players can just as easily get hurt playing in a spring training game or even practice. But I, and I believe many other fans would be less agitated if their favorite player got hurt playing for their team rather than by playing for the USA in a meaningless tournament.
I have heard some other people campaign for the WBC to be played during a different time of year (besides spring training). I have heard people campaign for this to be played during the all-star break or after the World Series. I believe that a better time would be during the playoffs.
I realize that this would eliminate the concern for injury. By that I mean that if a player got hurt playing in the WBC, then he could have plenty of time for rehab/surgery if needed. There are many players that have surgery or other medical procedures done after the season, and they have plenty of time to rehab before spring training.
Some people might argue that this would eliminate some players from playing in the WBC because their team is in the playoffs. I would answer them this way, "What would you rather have, your team in the playoffs or sitting at home so your favorite player can play in the WBC?"
I would much rather have my team in the playoffs.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

T.O. to Buffalo?? Yeah, and monkey's might fly out of my butt!!

Get your popcorn ready Buffalo, the T.O. show is headed your way.
Yesterday, the Buffalo Bills signed the biggest diva in the NFL to a 1-year contract.
This came as quite the surprise to me. I had read many lists of possible destinations for the ageing wide receiver, but Buffalo was not on any of them. The Bills are not really an up and coming team that needs that one more player to be a Super Bowl contender. On the other hand, they aren't as bad as the Lions either.
This move makes sense for Buffalo though. Over the past two years, they have only 26 receiving touchdowns as a team. T.O. has 25 by himself in that same period.
There will be a lot of pressure on many people in Buffalo this year now. Head coach Dick Jauron is already on the hot seat and will need to win this year in order to keep his job. Quarterback Trent Edwards will need to be able to get the ball to not only T.O., but also to his other receiver Lee Evans (who will also need to step it up). Also, the entire offensive line will need to protect the oft injured Edwards.
It should be an interesting season in Buffalo. Get your hot wings ready Bills fans.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

No T.O. in the Big D...

"Alright, everyone who is going to be playing for the Dallas Cowboys next season please step forward...not so fast Terrell"
In a move that surprised no one (except for Terrell), the Dallas Cowboys released diva wide receiver Terrell Owens today. Owens, 35, finished last season with 1052 yards and 10 touchdowns. Still, his production on the field was heavily outweighed by the distractions that he caused off of it.
Many will recall this past season when Owens publicly criticized quarterback Tony Romo (Mr. Jessica Simpson) and tight end Jason Witten of drawing up plays together while rooming together when on the road. Instead of meeting with them privately to discuss his issues, Owens felt the need to take the elementary school route and vent via the media.
Owens has caused problems wherever he has gone. He was run out of San Francisco after not getting alone with quarterback Jeff Garcia (Owens later questioned Garcia's sexual the media). Although he played a big part in helping the Philadelphia Eagles reach the Super Bowl, he routinely criticized quarterback Donovan McNabb, fought with teammates, and called the Eagles organization classless. The Eagles suspended him for the final month of that season and later released him outright.
The Dallas Cowboys then picked up T.O. since Jerry Jones has it stuck in his head that troubled players will turn things around in the Big D. Owens played for three years in Dallas and seemed to find his way into controversy consistently.
That brings us to today. Owens is now unemployed and the question is where he will go next. He still is very talented, but the excess baggage is overwhelming. He's also alienated almost everyone he's been in contact with over the course of the last 5-10 years.
This should be an interesting story...get your popcorn ready!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hail to the Chief of the Chiefs!

While in New England, Scott Pioli was instrumental in building the Patriots into a Super Bowl championship caliber team. He has a knack for evaluating top talent.

He is proving that now as General Manager of the Kansas City Chiefs. This past weekend, Pioli traded the Chiefs second round pick (#34 overall) for quarterback Matt Cassel and lb Mike Vrabel.

Cassel will step in and give the Chiefs an immediate improvement in a position that has been a gigantic weakness for them. This will give the Chiefs a young, but experienced quarterback to lead them instead of relying on a rookie in the draft. Mike Vrabel, although not very young, he is an experienced player with multiple Super Bowl rings to his name. He will be able to provide a veteran leadership in the locker room and install a winning attitude to a very young team.

I really like this trade for the Chiefs. Let's face it, the quarterback class in this years NFL Draft is pretty weak. Matthew Stafford of Georgia is probably going to Detroit and Mark Sanchez of USC is not a top five draft pick. He will most likely be picked somewhere between #10-#20.

Currently, the Chiefs have Brodie Croyle, Ingle Martin (who?), Quinn Gray, and Tyler Thigpen as quarterbacks on the current roster. Although Thigpen did a decent job during the second half of last season, they are all below average starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

This trade does not make the Chiefs a Super Bowl contending team. It probably doesn't make them a playoff team either. What it does make them is a team on the rise.

Keep an eye on the Chiefs. They are definitely going to surprise some people this year.