Sunday, December 21, 2008

That's why I'm glad that I'm a Chiefs fan...

The Detroit Lions lost today to the New Orleans Saints, 42-7. They are now an impressive 0-15 on the season so far. Already, they are the only team in NFL history to lose their first 15 games. Next week, they will attempt to make it a perfect season when they travel to Lambeau Field in Green Bay to take on the Packers, a place where they haven't won since 1991.
Tom "Killer" Kowalski posted an article on today in which he asked Lions owner William Clay Ford Sr. about the upcoming off season and what his plans are for the future of the Lions. There are a few parts of the article that I wanted to point out and then comment on...
- Despite the possibility that his team could finish 0-16 this season, Detroit Lions owner William Clay Ford made it clear that there will not be a complete house-cleaning in the offseason.
* Why should they clean house? They've only lost 21 of their last 22 games and are about to make history as the only team to ever go 0-16 in a season. I'm certain the Ford Sr. isn't watching the Lions at all.
- Prior to Sunday's Lions-Saints game, Ford said that he will hire another person to join the team's football operations but that person might not fill the typical general manager role. Ford said the new hire might not have total control over all personnel matters and that those decisions could be done by committee.
* I don't understand why they will not hire somebody to take TOTAL control of the football operations! It's obvious the there is nobody in the Lions front office right now that has ANY clue as to how to put together a winning football team.
- Ford said that regardless of who he hires, he also wants both Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand to stay with the organization -- possibly in the positions they currently hold.
* Why the heck does he want these two stooges still with the organization? They are both Millen guys. The Lions need to rid themselves of the "stench" that is Matt Millen out of their organization!
- Ford said he's "talked to some people'' and that the team is still putting together a list of candidates to be interviewed. Ford said he doesn't believe there is one "football genius'' out there who can come in and make all the right decisions independently.
* If Ford doesn't belive that there is one "football genius" out there that can comen in and make all the right decisions independently, just ask the Miami Dolphins. I think that they would argue that Bill Parcells has done that for them. From 1-15 last year to 9-5 and competing for a playoff spot this year? I'd say that he's a football genius.
- "I hope when this whole process is over with that we've got an organization that can build a winning team,'' Ford said. "The fans have been great and they deserve winners. We're all frustrated. We want to win, too. I hope this is the end product.''
* I'm speechless...absolutely speechless.
Even though I'm a Chiefs fan and they have amounted to only 2 wins this year, I can still honestly say that I'm happy with the way that they're going. I know that they will be winners and back in the playoffs before Detroit will. GO CHIEFS!!

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