Monday, December 29, 2008

Thanks a Millen!!

For all of you Lions fans that are left out there, I hope that your suffering is over. The Lions pathetic excuse for a 2008 season is finally over. They will go down in history as the first team to finish 0-16. When people talk about the worst teams in professional sports history, they will talk about the Lions.
When your grandkids are watching a football game with you and complain that their favorite team is terrible, you can always say that you used to waste your Sunday afternoon's watching the worst team in professional sports history.
Today, the Lions did the expected...and the unexpected. They fired Rod Marinelli, who amassed a whopping 10 wins in his 3 seasons at Detroit's helm. They also fired 4 of his coaches, but lets face it, they will all be gone by the time a new head coach is hired.
But, they gave promotions to two of Millen's cronies. Tom Lewand will be running the business side of things for the Lions and Martin Mayhew will be the new GM.
Mayhew comes into his new job having a whopping 0 years of experience running a professional sports team. But, since Matt Millen hired him, then I'm sure that he'll be fine. The Lions won't be making anymore stupid draft decisions, or idiotic free agent signings.
One thing that I don't understand is if they were going to give the job to Mayhew anyway, why did they wait until the end of the season? If that was the way that they wanted to go all along, he should've been given the title right away after Millen was fired and been told to go to work fixing this mess.
So now this inexperienced GM has the daunting task of deciding who their head coach should be and what should they do with the #1 pick in April. Today, on, it was reported that the Lions requested to interview Washington's secondary coach. I hadn't heard of him, so I decided to look him up. He's got some solid credentials, but the first thing that I thought when I saw him was that he wasn't going to get the job. He is an African American. In the NFL, they have what's called the "Rooney Rule". It requires all teams looking for a head coach to interview a minority candidate. I hope that I'm wrong, but I believe that this man is fulfilling the Lions commitment to the Rooney Rule.
It'll be interesting to hear what comes out of Detroit. Most likely, they won't have a coach in place until after the Super Bowl.

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