Monday, October 13, 2008

Shipping off to Boston!!

The weekend is now over. Michigan gave a disappointing performance on Saturday at the Big House. They lost to the University of Toledo...a MAC team. And the thing is, they weren't even a very good MAC team. Going into the game against Michigan, Toledo was 1-4...1-4!!!
Oh well. There is no use crying over this loss because we all knew going into this season that we wouldn't be seeing a typical Michigan team. Let's just hope that this can get turned around by the time next season rolls around.
The Lions lost a nail biter at Minnesota 12-10. I didn't watch a whole lot of it because I had other things to do. I'm really rooting for the Lions to go 0-16 this year. And I'm not just saying that because I left them via free agency. I just think that it would be pretty cool to see a team go winless in the NFL. One part of the game that does stick out in my mind was when Lions qb Dan Orlovsky took the snap in the end zone and then was chased out by Vikings de Jared Allen. He ran for about 5 yards out of bounds and didn't even know it!! You can see the play here
I also stayed up and watched the entire game 1 & 2 of the ALCS between the Red Sox and Rays. Even though the Sox lost Game 2 in extra innings, I still feel pretty good with the Red Sox. I hear a lot of journalists saying that Tampa now has the momentum heading into Game 3 this afternoon. I disagree. The Sox shouldn't have lost Game 2. Josh Beckett was very un-Beckett like the entire game. A normal Josh Beckett does not give up 3 home runs in 5+ innings in the post season. If Beckett does not give up the 8 runs, and the Red Sox don't leave 13 runners on base during the game, the Sox would have blown out the Rays and this would be a totally different series.
But he did and now it is 1-1 going into Game 3. The Sox will bring in their Mr. October of 2008 Jon Lester to pitch today. He has been lights out for them and turn in another great pitching performance today.
I also watched last nights Game 3 between the Dodgers and Phillies. I turned it on at about the time Dodger catcher Russell Martin was being thrown at for a second straight at bat. The next inning, Dodger pitcher Hiroki Kuroda stood up for his battery mate and threw at head of Phillies OF Shane Vicotorino (I don't know if I spelled that right, sorry).
Now I know that there are unwritten rules in baseball, as there are in all other sports as well. In baseball, if one of your guys is being thrown at intentionally, then your pitcher will stand up for his teammates and throw at one of their guys. Kuroda did stand up for his teammate, but he threw at the head of Shane Victorino. Victorino, took exception and told Kuroda and Dodgers catcher Martin that if they are going to throw at him, to throw at his ribs and not his head.
I totally agree with Victorino. Getting hit is a part of the game. The Phillies had to have known that the Dodgers were probably going to hit one of their guys that night. But I did not like the fact that Kuroda threw at Victorino's head. If he would have drilled him in the ribs, then I would have completely understood. But you don't throw at a guy's head. That is a bush league play.
Finally, to recap on my picks for the weekend, I went 2-1 in college (thanks a lot, Michigan). In the NFL, I went 8-5. However, 4 of my losses were very close and some went down to the final seconds. So I don't feel too bad.
Go SOX!!

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