Friday, October 3, 2008

The playoffs & pigskin picks

The baseball playoffs are in full swing and already they are full of surprises. For instance, did anyone really think that the Cubs would get beat and play this bad to the Dodgers? I actually predicted a split in the two games at Wrigley between the two teams.
A couple of things that I was really surprised about was the inability of the Cubs pitchers to throw strikes in Game 1, and then their players inability to field balls cleanly in Game 2. It just goes to show you, a team can have the best hitters in the league, but if they can't play defense or pitch, they'll have a hard time winning.
The Red Sox and Angels play game 2 of their series tonight in Anaheim with the Sox up 1 game to 0. I'm always nervous when the Sox play the Angels. They are such a talented team that can beat you in so many ways. The "experts" on television are making me nervous also because they keep saying that the Sox have the Angels number in the playoffs (they have beaten the Angels 8 times in a row now in the playoffs). If the Angels lost all of their players on the major league roster and were forced to play the playoff games with members of a retirement home slow pitch softball league, I still wouldn't take any of the playoff games for granted.
IT'S NEVER OVER UNTIL THE FINAL OUT IS RECORDED!!! Does anybody remember the 2004 ALCS between the Red Sox and Yankees? The Sox were down 3 games to 0 against the Yankees and were losing in Game 4 in the 9th inning while facing Mariano Rivera (the Yankees closer). They came back to win that series. So I will never be comfortable or give up until the final out is recorded.
Now for some football picks for the weekend...
Illinois over Michigan : I know that I picked the Wolverines to lose against Wisconsin last week and they surprised everybody and won. I am a very superstitious person when it comes to sports so I'll go ahead and pick them to lose again.
Michigan State over Iowa : I'll go with the Sparty's to beat the Hawkeyes. I've always admired the Hawkeyes athletic program over the years, but I believe that State has something special in RB Javon Ringer. The Spartans defeat the Hawkeyes on homecoming in East Lansing.
Western Michigan over Ohio : Western is having a good year, Ohio is not. Broncos roll...
Tennessee over Baltimore : If Vince Young were the qb of the Titans still, I'd go with Baltimore. Unfortunately for the Ravens, veteran Kerry Collins is at the helm for Tennessee.
Carolina over Kansas City : I picked Kansas City to lose last week and they won, so I'm going to pick them to lose again this week. We'll see if this logic works on Sunday.
Chicago over Detroit : Yes, the Lions fired Matt Millen. But they still have the same team, same coaches, same results will follow.
Green Bay over Atlanta : Even if Aaron Rodgers doesn't play for the Pack, they still have too much talent for the Falcons to handle.
Indianapolis over Houston : I think that this one will be close. The Colts haven't played well this year yet, and Houston will be excited to be playing at home.
San Diego over Miami : The Dolphins are a lot better than they were last year and proved it by beating the Patriots last week. They won't get by the Chargers.
New York Giants over Seattle : The Giants will win despite not having Plaxico Burress.
Washington over Philadelphia : The Redskins have made me believers after handling the Cowboy's last week.
Denver over Tampa Bay : The Broncos and Jay Cutler won't play bad two weeks in a row.
Buffalo over Arizona : Buffalo is for real...Arizona is a dud
Dallas over Cincinnati : Chad Ocho Cinco says that he'll score a touchdown and kiss the star in Dallas, I don't think that he even gets to the end zone.
New England over San Francisco : The Patriots are angry after getting beat by the Dolphins.
Jacksonville over Pittsburgh : The Steelers are too banged up this week to win
New Orleans over Minnesota (Monday night): I've never liked Gus Frerotte as a qb...The Saints go marching into MNF and stomp the Vikings.
Well, there you have it. I don't want to jinx myself, but I do feel pretty good about these picks. We'll see what happens.

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