Friday, October 10, 2008

Pigskin picks and big news!!!

I've got some pretty exciting news that I want to let everyone know about. It is a big step for me and should be a lot of fun. But first, I want to make my picks for the weekend.
Western Michigan over Buffalo : Western is playing great this year and I've got no reason to believe that they won't beat Buffalo this weekend.
Michigan State over Northwestern: I believe that Spartans RB Javon Ringer is a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate as long as Michigan State keeps winning.
Michigan over Toledo : This game couldn't have come at a better time for Michigan. After last week's disappointment against Illinois, they need to come out and play well against Toledo. Oh, and one more thing Michigan...HOLD ONTO THE BALL!!!
Chicago over Atlanta : The Falcons are playing better than I thought, but the Bears should take this one.
Miami over Houston : The Dolphins already have doubled their win total from last year when they beat the Chargers for their second win of the season last week. I believe that Miami will make it three in a row on Sunday.
Indianapolis over Baltimore : One of these weeks Peyton Manning is going to come through with a Peyton Manning type game. Here's hoping that it is Sunday.
Minnesota over Detroit : Do I really have to explain why?
New Orleans over Oakland : Not even a new coach will get the Raiders past the Saints.
New York Jets over Cincinnati : I can't believe that I'm going to do it, but this weekend I'll be pulling for Brett Favre.
Carolina over Tampa Bay : Carolina looks really good this year, and the Bucs are a bit banged up at quarterback and wide receiver.
Washington over St. Louis : Even with Jim Haslett at the helm of the Rams, they are still a really bad team.
Jacksonville over Denver : With one of Denver qb Jay Cutler's favorite receivers (former WMU player Tony Scheffler) out with an injury, I'll take Jacksonville in this one.
Dallas over Arizona : Even with the Pac man controversy, the Cowboys will roll on the Cardinals.
Philadelphia over San Francisco : Donovan Mcnabb won't be embarrassed at his team's play this week.
Green Bay over Seattle : Seattle is a bad, bad football team. Also, look for Greg Jennings to have a great game for the Packers.
San Diego over New England : Without Tom Brady, the Patriots have become an average football team.
New York Giants over Cleveland : The defending Super Bowl champion Giants are quietly looking like the best team in the NFL.
And now for the big news. As some of you may know, I was once a freelance sports writer for our local paper here in town. Well, I am proud to announce that I have moved up to freelance sports writer for a magazine. I will be writing a season long piece for Inside Hockey magazine (
I came to them explaining that I have always been a major sports fan (football, baseball, and basketball), but have never really gotten into hockey. But this year, I wanted to give the sport a fair chance. So, I am going to be watching more games than ever this year. I will be going to see more games live than I have in past years. I will also be talking to people at these games (fans, staff, and players) about why they love the game of hockey. I will be documenting my hockey fan exploration in a blog for I am currently working on my first piece for them and will let everyone know when it is up on their website.

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