Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm bad

I'd just like to take a moment here to apologize to the Boston Red Sox. It was my fault that they lost last night. It was my fault that they did not clinch the division series.

How could I, a sports fan in Kalamazoo, have any affect whatsoever on a Boston Red Sox game? Plenty.

As some of you may know, I can be superstitious when it comes to sports, especially baseball. When I was working Battle Creek, with the Michigan Battle Cats, I thought that I was a jinx on the team in the playoffs. In fact, no team that I ever worked for had won a playoff game. So when the 2000 Midwest League playoffs started, the Battle Cats were playing at home for the first two games of the opening round of the playoffs verses the Fort Wayne Wizards. I was at the game, but I didn't watch one pitch. I spent most of the game either underneath the grandstand or simply looking down at my feet. Most people outside the baseball community would say that this was stupid, but when the Battle Cats won those games I was even more convinced. When the series shifted to Fort Wayne, the entire front office staff decided to go. I stayed behind because if I went, I was sure that they would lose. So I stayed behind and listened to the game on the radio in my parents car in the driveway (I don't remember why). I was busy that night and wasn't able to start listening to the game until the 4th inning. Well, the Battle Cats won that night to clinch the series! So, naturally when the next series came about, everyone traveled to the game except for me. And I wouldn't go out to the car to listen to the game until the 4th inning. And guess what! The Battle Cats didn't lose another game for the rest of the playoffs! They won the Midwest League championship and I got a ring!

What does this have to do with the Red Sox/Angels game last night? Well, my normal routine is 2 chicken strips with ranch dressing at the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the chicken strips in the toaster oven until the second inning (with the Red Sox already down 1-0). Then I forgot to set temperature on the toaster oven, so they weren't done when the timer went off.

So I set the temperature again and went back to watching the game. During that time, the Sox retook the lead, 3-1. Then Angels catcher Mike Napoli came to the plate just as the timer for my food went off. Normally, I don't like to miss any of the game. I'll wait for commercials to go and do anything. But, I didn't want my chicken strips to burn, so I figured that I'll hurry up and just get them. WRONG DECISION!! During the 30 seconds that it took to get my food, Mike Napoli hit a two run home run to tie the game!! I only saw it on replay.

That's just a coincidence, you say? Well, a couple of innings later I came back out from the other room to watch the rest of the game in the living room. While I was switching rooms, Mike Napoli was up again. And guess what!?!? During my room to room switch, that guy hit a solo home run to put the Angels up 4-3!!! Coincidence? I think not. So I made it a point to sit in one spot for the rest of the game and not leave the room for anything. And it started to work because the Red Sox were able to tie the game.

Alas, my efforts were too little, too late. So I'd like to apologize the the Boston Red Sox. And I promise to never again sway from my superstitions during the playoffs again. The chicken strips with ranch dressing will be baked and ready to consume by the time that the first pitch is thrown.

Also, for those keeping track at home, I went 3-0 on my college picks and 12-4 (my best week ever) on my NFL picks. That gives me a cumulative record of 53-29 on the season and a success rate of 65%.

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