Friday, October 17, 2008

The comeback kids & pigskin picks

Last night, after many of you probably went to sleep, the Red Sox overcame a 7 run deficit to the Tampa Rays and won a game that they had to win to prolong their season.
The game started off like the last three have, with the Rays knocking the ball out of the park like there's no tomorrow.
But, in the bottom of the 7th inning, the Sox bats started to wake up. David Ortiz broke out of his playoff slump and finally hit one out of the park. And J.D. Drew finished the Rays off with a homerun and a game winning double.
The Rays had all the confidence in the world last night. I could see during the game they were laughing and joking around in the dugout. But the Red Sox had the last laugh and now the series moves down south to Florida for games 6 and 7. I predict that if Tampa doesn't win Game 6, then Boston will take the series.
Now to the football picks for the weekend...
Penn State over Michigan - Michigan couldn't beat a team from the MAC at the Big House last Saturday, so why would I think that they have a chance against a top 5 team in their house?
Michigan State over Ohio State - Terrelle Pryor has made Ohio State a better team than when the year began. I'm hoping that the home field advantage will give MSU the edge.
Western Michigan over Central Michigan - This should be a great game, as both teams are in the running for the MAC division title.
Buffalo over San Diego - I'm giving this one to the Bills because they are playing this game in the frigid temperatures of Buffalo.
New Orleans over Carolina - I really like the Saints offense. But I believe that Carolina will give them a run for their money.
Chicago over Minnesota - The Vikings poor play last week against the Lions has forced me to go with 'da Bears.
Pittsburgh over Cincinnati - Carson Palmer is out again for the Bengals and is being replaced by a guy from Harvard. I heard a guy from ESPN state that having a guy from Harvard is good if you need someone to represent you in court or do you taxes. But it is not good if you want someone to quarterback your football team!
Kansas City over Tennessee - I believe that Kerry Collins honeymoon is over as qb of the Titans. The Chiefs will beat the Titans in a nail biter.
Miami over Baltimore - I'm a fan of the Dolphins. They are a young up and coming team that is only going to get better as the season goes on.
New York Giants over San Francisco - The Super Bowl champs will rebound from last weeks loss.
Dallas over St. Louis - Even without Romo, the Cowboys will win.
Houston over Detroit - Detroit will keep hope alive that they will go 0-16 this season.
Green Bay over Indy - I'm still a fan of the Packers and believe that Peyton Manning has been too inconsistent to win against them.
New York Jets over Oakland - I still don't like Favre, but the Raiders are almost as bad as the Lions.
Washington over Cleveland - Yes, the Browns trounced the Giants last week and the Redskins did lose to the Rams. But that was then and this is now.
Tampa Bay over Seattle - Jeff Garcia is back and so are the Bucs.
Denver over New England - No Tom Brady = no wins for the Patriots.

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