Monday, September 29, 2008

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

Have you ever heard the saying, "Two wrongs do not make a right"? Most people would agree with this saying. After this weekend, I am going to disagree with it wholeheartedly.

Each Friday I make predictions on college and pro football games. I like to think that I know enough about the games to make educated guesses as to who will emerge victorious each Saturday and Sunday.

This weekend, I predicted that my favorite college football team, the Michigan Wolverines, would lose by a large margin to the #9 nationally ranked Wisconsin Badgers. Michigan was 1-2 on the year and was playing many freshman who were playing their first Big Ten conference game. To my surprise, the Maize and Blue shocked the nation and upset the Badgers 27-25. I am usually disappointed when my predictions are wrong, but not this time. If I had it my way, Michigan would win every game that they play, but that's not logical. So I was very happy to be wrong on Saturday.

On Sunday, I predicted that my favorite NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs, would lose and lose big to the Denver Broncos. The Broncos were playing very well this season so far and their quarterback, Jay Cutler, was really coming into his own as one of the elite quarterback's in the league. The Chiefs, on the other hand, were winless on the season and have been playing musical quarterbacks all year long due to injuries. Once again, I doubted my favorite team and they proved me and the rest of the country wrong! The Chiefs earned their first win of the season by defeating the previously unbeaten Broncos 33-19!

The Chiefs, like the Wolverines, are a very young team. I was not expecting much from either of them all year long. But, like I said before, I was never happier to be wrong.

The rest of my picks were just above average. I went 7-5 so far with my NFL picks (I have the Steelers beating the Ravens on MNF). Also, I was 2-1 on my college picks. That leaves me with an overall record of 36-23 on my football picks.

Finally, I just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers out to Buccaneer kicker Matt Bryant and his family. For those that don't know, Matt's 3 month old son, Tryson, passed away unexpectedly in his sleep last week. Matt flew back from the funeral to kick in this game for his son. I watched some of the game yesterday and saw Matt point to the sky after each field goal and extra point that he kicked. I am very impressed that he was able to play in the game yesterday. You can hear more from Matt Bryant in the post game press conference here

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