Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend wrap up and one last time at the house that Ruth built

The Yankees defeated the Baltimore Orioles last night 7-3 in the final game to be played at Yankee Stadium. The Bronx Bombers will move across the street to their new ballpark next season.

Although I am a Red Sox fan and normally love to see the Yankees lose, this time I wanted to see them win. First and foremost, I am a baseball fan. I love the history that baseball has to offer. Watching a game at Yankee Stadium was like taking a trip through time. All time greats like Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, Dimaggio, and Maris all played at this hallowed ballpark.

I believe that many people, especially New Yorkers, are having a hard time today. Yes, their Yankees are moving into a state of the art facility that will rival some of the best ballparks in the league. But also, they will be demolishing Yankee Stadium, the place that they called home for so many years. I imagine that people have many memories of that place.

When the Detroit Tigers played their last game at Tiger Stadium, I felt a little sad. Yes, I was excited for them to move into Comerica Park. But I was also going to miss the original Tiger Stadium. If definitely had its faults, but it was a classic ballpark. It was a park where so many people in this state saw their first major league ball game. I know that it was for me. And when I saw the pictures of Tiger Stadium with a big hole in the side of it after they started the demolition process, I felt like I wanted to cry.

Yankee Stadium will be demolished soon also, and I can imagine that a lot of New Yorkers will go through a lot of those same feelings when the time comes. But you've got to look forward to the future. New York has a brand new ball park, and quite possibly, a new look team next year also (if Hank Steinbrenner has anything to say about it).

Now for the rest of the weekend in review;

  • The US won the Ryder Cup for the first time since 1999. And they even did it without Tiger Woods. I watched some of it and I now have a new favorite golfer, Boo Weekley. If any of you watched it, or saw highlights, you probably saw Weekley galloping down the first fairway "Happy Gilmore" style riding his driver between his legs and whipping it like a quarter horse. He also gave a great comment when asked about the adrenaline that was keeping him going throughout the competition, "I feel like a dog that somebody done stuck a needle to and it juiced me up like I've been running around a greyhound track chasing one of them bunnies." I have a new reason to watch golf now, and his name is Boo Weekely.
  • The Boston Red Sox have a 6.5 game lead in the Wild Card with 7 games left to go which gives the Red Sox control over their own destiny. Barring a meltdown of epic proportions by the Sox and Rays, the Red Sox will be in the post season as the wild card.
  • I didn't do so well in my football picks this week. I was 2-1 on my college picks and 8-7 so far with my pro picks (I have San Diego beating the Jets tonight). That makes me 5-2 on my college picks and 27-17 on my pro picks for the season.

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