Sunday, September 21, 2008


It sure is a good thing that the Detroit Lions got rid of Mike Martz after last year, huh? That offense that he was trying to run doesn't work at all, huh? He was definitely the reason why the offense tanked last year, huh?

After two years as the offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions, they fired him during the off season. It didn't take long for Martz to find work again, as the San Francisco 49ers hired him to be their offensive coordinator.

Today, the Lions came in to face Martz and the 49ers. This game had a lot of hype because it was the "new look" Lions facing their former offensive coordinator.

The funny thing is that Martz has the 49ers running the exact same offense that he ran in Detroit. The EXACT same offense. So you would think that Detroit would know what was coming, right? WRONG!! San Francisco torched Detroit 31-13. What is even funnier is that the knock on Martz in Detroit was that he ignored the run too much. Detroit was an efficient passing team, but was near the bottom in the NFL in rushing. Well, San Francisco out rushed Detroit 182-116.

But the Lions problems were his fault though, right Ford and Millen?

I can just imagine a conversation between Martz and Millen/Ford. It would probably go something like this;

Martz: Hey Matt and William Clay! Do you two like apples?

Millen and Ford: Well sure we do.

Martz: Well my team just ran up and down the field on your team. How do you like them apples!?!?

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