Friday, September 5, 2008

NFL opening weekend!

All across the country, in millions of homes, televisions will be tuned to everyone's favorite NFL team. The start of a new season is great for everybody. No matter how bad your team did in the previous year, September brings new hope. Every football fan feels like they have a clean slate.

I feel like my slate is completely clean. My interest in the NFL has been renewed since my "free agent fan" quest.

I will try to check out as many games as I can. This will be my first weekend rooting for my new favorite team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, they are an out of market team, so I will not be able to watch the game live. I will however be able to see the highlights (thanks ESPN).

Just for fun, I'll be predicting the outcomes of games this week.
  • Detroit over Atlanta = Atlanta's rookie qb is too inexperienced
  • Cincinnati over Baltimore = Same goes for Baltimore's
  • Seattle over Buffalo
  • NY Jets over Miami
  • New England over Kansas City = As much as I hate to do it
  • New Orleans over Tampa Bay
  • Philadelphia over St. Louis
  • Pittsburgh over Houston
  • Jacksonville over Tennessee
  • Dallas over Cleveland = Dallas is my Super Bowl pick
  • San Diego over Carolina = San Diego is my other Super Bowl pick
  • Arizona over San Francisco
  • Indy over Chicago
  • Green Bay over Minnesota = Aaron Rodgers will silence his critics
  • Denver over Oakland = Jay Cutler will have a breakout year

So fire up that grill, grab the chips and dip, and settle into your favorite lazy boy chair with an ice cold beverage. Are you ready for some football?

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