Monday, August 11, 2008

Washing my hands of the Lions

Since I announced yesterday that I had chosen to become a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, I hadn't really thought about letting the Lions know. But, after talking with my brother, I figured that I should let them know. It's kind of like accepting another job and not letting your previous employer know.
So, this afternoon, I sat down and wrote the Lions. I reminded them of the previous email where I declared my free agency as a fan. I then expressed my disappointment in the fact that I was a fan for over 32 years, and they didn't have the courtesy to even send me an email. I would have been happy with even an automated response (that is what I got from the Bears and Steelers).
The email ended with me officially resigning as a fan of the Detroit Lions so that I could become a Kansas City Chiefs fan.
After I sent the email, it was sent back to me with a statement saying that the service was not available and they were closing the transmission channel. How messed up is that? The Lions organization is not even accepting any emails from their fans! If I were still a Lions fan, I'd be very upset. They are not a very fan friendly organization at all, in my opinion.
Any questioning that I had of my decision to switch allegiances after 32 years has just been answered. I have officially washed my hands of the Detroit Lions.

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